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Support and inspire your remote workers. 

a simple way to invest in your remote and hybrid employees 

The world of work is constantly changing.

Let us help you and your remote teams adapt to the evolving workplace.


Give your remote and hybrid employees expert knowledge, information, and resources to enable them to work from home successfully so that they thrive in and out of their working day.


• Retain and attract high-performing workers.
• Support their health and wellbeing.
• Fuel their productivity
• Enable them to achieve targets


Give your remote workers access to expert knowledge, strategies and resources to enable them to thrive and deliver results. The Subscribers Lounge is a place for individuals to learn and be inspired. Subscription details below.

Using our Five Pillars model for successful remote working, we deliver keynote talks to inform your team to help them perform and thrive in a hybrid or remote setting. 

remote team presenting training

Remote working means the way you communicate is often via video. Our masterclasses teach you how to engage effectively and enhance your on-camera presence for remote teams. 

five pillars for wfh success webinar

Want to discover more about how to work from home well – and how we can help your remote teams to perform and thrive?


Watch the free webinar where we talk through the five pillars for work from home success.

Subscribing to The Homeworker gives your remote team access to:

• Expert insights and ideas in the quarterly digital magazine that inspire productive and healthy habits to enable your remote teams to work effectively and confidently.

• Video and audio interviews and short talks to support productivity, wellbeing, and a resilient mindset for remote working.

• Live talks with relevant experts and thought-leaders to motivate your workers with insightful ideas and proven strategies.

• Premium articles and content online only available to subscribers.

• Monthly playlists for productivity and enjoyment when working at home.


CORP 5: For up to 5 people

 CORP 10: For up to 10 people

CORP 20: For teams of up to 20

CORP 50: For up to 50 people

CORP 100: For up to 100 people

CORP Plus: For up to 250 people

For larger teams, please get in touch: hello@thehomeworker.com

Discounts available for the NHS, charities and emergency services personnel. Get in touch to find out more.


The Homeworker print byndles volumes 3 and 4

Treat your remote workers to a special print copy of The Homeworker magazine.

With content based on the five key pillars for successful remote working, these high quality print volumes provide relevant articles and interviews to inspire positive healthy and productive habits, communication, and work environments.

Support your remote teams, help them feel trusted and valued, and give them a thoughtful, unique and informative resource.

Support your remote teams now and show them you have their best interests in mind.

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