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    The magazine dedicated to helping you work from home better

    Packed with uplifting and inspiring articles, The Homeworker gives you the ideas, inspiration and confidence to achieve a healthier, more productive work-from-home lifestyle.

    We understand that the boundaries between work and life are increasingly blurred so The Homeworker takes a holistic view to help you with your mindset, wellbeing, productivity, communication and workspace.

    For the self-employed, the flexible worker, the freelancer… There is something for anyone who works from home in The Homeworker magazine.

    The Homeworker Magazine: Shortlisted for Launch of the Year, The British Society of Magazine Editors

    The Homeworker Quarterly Magazine

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    A beautiful printed edition of The Homeworker magazine with a carefully curated selection of articles and interviews to help you thrive when you work from home.

    This coffee-table style issue includes  a full roundup of articles offering tips, strategies, ideas and insights to help you work from home better.

    When looking at focusing your mindset, being more productive, and developing good habits for your health and wellbeing, The Homeworker magazine: The Complete Guide is your perfect investment.

    The Homeworker Magazine Breathe issue cover

    The Breathe Issue is out and available now

    Breathe is an issue dedicated to your wellbeing when you work from home.

    All subscribers receive a free meditation guide with this issue!

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    This is absolutely my favourite online magazine for entrepreneurs and business owners… The Homeworker Magazine helps to shed light and fantastic advice about working from home, health and wellness, mindset, money, and so much more that we all face, and typically, deal with alone.”

     Danielle U

    “A beautifully designed magazine, that is overflowing with insight, love, support and inspiration for ‘the homeworker’. Reading through each page is like hearing this gentle, but confident whisper, saying: ‘You are not alone’. ‘You’ve got this!'”

     Ekaterina W

    “Brilliant! It’s so full of practical help and ideas that cover such a wide variety of issues, really felt like it was personally written just for me. A guide I will be referring to again and again for sure as I develop as a new business from home. Thank you.”

     Susan D

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    The Homeworker magazine as featured in the Guardian, Telegraph, the BBC, the i paper, thrive global and other podcasts and publications.
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    Issue 1: New Beginnings
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    Issue 2: The Money Issue
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    Issue 4: The Creativity Issue
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    Issue 5: The 2020 Vision Issue
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    Issue 6: The Flex Issue
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