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Dedicated to helping you thrive and enabling you to achieve your goals when work is not always in the office.


The first magazine dedicated to helping you thrive when you work from home.

Uplifting and inspiring articles that empower you to work more effectively and achieve a healthier, more productive work-from-home lifestyle. 

Focusing on quality, relatable content, The Homeworker magazine aims to inspire, motivate and encourage you to fulfil your potential. 

Fusing business, wellbeing and lifestyle, it reflects the realities of the modern homeworker, helping you with practical and emotional support for your mindset, confidence and work-life balance.


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The Homeworker magazine volume 3 print edition cover

The latest edition of The Homeworker magazine in print is available to buy now.

This stunning annual guide to working from home is packed with articles and interviews to inspire you to have a healthier, happier, more productive work from home lifestyle. Focusing on wellbeing, mindset, productivity, business, and your home workspace, it is the perfect guide to dip into for ideas and inspiration.

A quality, coffee-table style edition, ideal for your desk and for gifting.

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Latest Digital Issue out now

The Homeworker issue 15 cover


Just some of what’s inside:

  • The signs you need more boundaries in a relationship and how to put down the ground rules.

    • Questions to ask children when you are working at home during the holidays.

    • Is your time management a reflection of your self-worth? Our new column explores how to make the most of your time.

    • How to develop a better relationship with money and top tips to get back in control.

    • Redefining your relationship with yourself: Learn who you are in a busy world.

    • How to get high performance and engagement in remote teams – more training days are not the solution!

    • Growing a global brand: the strategies you need to expand you business worldwide from your own home.

    • Plus plenty of recommendations, workspace ideas, and tips to help you thrive and excel in work and life.

Inside Every Issue...

planning, goal-setting, intentions, mindset, the homeworker magazine


Inside each issue you’ll find productivity tips to help you manage your time, get more done and stop the procrastination.

Experts in business and organisation share strategies to help you stay on top of your goals, create effective to-do lists and organise your work environment.


Home Workspace

Make the most of working from home by creating a workspace that fits your lifestyle.

From how to set up your work area ergonomically, to features on creating a functional workspace in any room of the house. Each issue includes ideas and products to help you create your ideal home office.

the homeworker magazine, home office ideas, home office decor, working from home


Your way of thinking and the messages you tell yourself are key to your success.

Inside each edition, we explore different strategies to keep you on the right track.

Pyschologists and mindset coaches offer tips on issues such as developing a growth mindset, overcoming imposter syndrome, your own self-talk and mindful eating.


From developing camera confidence for video marketing to the best accounting apps to help manage your finances, The Homeworker magazine offers practical advice and tips to help you run your business or work for yourself.

We look at communication, marketing, finance, hiring and growing your team and all in an accessible way that’s easy to digest.

the homeworker magazine business, marketing, communication, finance, productivity, HR
how to combat your inner critic, the homeworker magazine, self care and your wellbeing


Making time for yourself can be hard so in each issue we include ways you can incorporate self-care practices into your day.

From yoga and pilates at your desk to quick, healthy recipe ideas, journaling exercises and morning routines.

We encourage you to look after yourself.


We understand it’s a constant juggle trying to find the balance between home and work life, when boundaries between the two are blurred.

We look at working and parenting without the guilt, the relationship dynamics and how to fit your work around your life without it taking over.

the homeworker magazine, work-life balance, parenting, working with kids, dad and baby

What readers are saying

“A beautifully designed magazine, that is overflowing with insight, love support and inspiration for the homeworker. Reading through each page is like hearing this gentle, but confident whisper, saying: ‘You are not alone. You’ve got this!'”

– Ekaterina W

“It felt like an oasis of calm in the craziness of my life!”
-Emily B

“Such a beautiful, fresh magazine! I love the variety of content – and found it really inspiring.”
– Nicky L

“It’s so full of practical help and ideas that cover such a wide variety of issues, really felt like it was personally written just for me. A guide I will be referring to again and again for sure as I develop as a new business from home. Thank you”
– Susan D

“It’s absolutely beautiful and I learned a ton. I felt motivated and calmed by reading it: a perfect combo!”
– Kate L

“An amazingly beautiful design, full of practical and inspiring content which covers a broad spectrum of articles from food, wellbeing, positive mindset, productivity hacks, taxes, home office decor … you name it.
It helps you stay motivated, optimistic.”
– Barchi F

“I feel like this is what I’ve needed in my life as a freelancer.”

The Homeworker magazine as featured in the Guardian, Telegraph, the BBC, the i paper, thrive global and other podcasts and publications.