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The Homeworker: the complete guide to working from home

A beautifully-designed printed edition of carefully curated articles and features dedicated to helping you thrive when you work from home.

This special annual printed edition of The Homeworker provides a broad selection of articles and interviews to help you achieve a healthier, more productive work-from-home lifestyle.

The Complete Guide acknowledges how integrated work and life have become, containing sections  that encompass all areas of working from home.

By addressing your wellbeing, mental health, mindset, productivity and your home workspace, this magazine is not just business; it reflects the realities of the modern homeworker and is dedicated to helping you work from home better.

The Homeworker: The Complete Guide: £12.99 (+p&p)

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A Look Inside


• Creating your ideal morning routine

• The foods that help you combat stress, anxiety and depression

• Sleep hygiene and tuning into your body’s needs

• Home office pilates and yoga moves to help ease aches and pains

• The rules of good sitting


• Creating your ideal to-do list that works for you

• Time-management techniques to help you get more done

• The simple system to clear your paper clutter

• How to organise your workspace with desk-zoning

• Email management and how to manage the digital clutter

• Creating a safe and productive home workspace


• Making Tax Digital: How it affects you and the apps that can help you get your accounting online

• Tips to use social media to promote your business

• The power of storytelling: what, where and how to share your story online



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• Celebrating women in business: The ladies who work from home running their businesses – the lessons they’ve learned and insights gained

• Denise Duffield-Thomas: Interview with the renowned money mindset coach and author of Chillpreneur on doing business without the stress

• Sophie Allport: Interview with the founder of this celebrated British lifestyle brand on creativity, her journey and working from home

• Christian Jackson: Interview with the Chicago-based artist on being a work from home dad and his complex relationship with creativity


• The ‘parental load’: tips for inter-family communication for work from home dads

• How to achieve harmony as a work from home parent and making sure you prioritise your dreams and ambitions

• Joining the revolution: a unique persinal perspective on making the transition to homeworking as a corporate employee

• Coping with isolation and adapting to being alone when working from home 

• Healthy communication tips to reduce drama and stress when addressing difficult situations 


• How to curb the desk time snacking with mindful eating techniques

• Nurturing a growth mindset to help you develop better self-worth

• Overcoming imposter syndrome and the power of knowing yourself

• The mindset shifts to help you deal with isolation and loneliness


• Creating a home workspace in any room by making the most of the space you have

• How to set up your work area ergonomically

• The garden office

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The Homeworker: The Complete Guide: £12.99 (+p&p)




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