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The Homeworker magazine volume 2

Welcome to The Homeworker Magazine.

The first magazine dedicated to helping you thrive when you work from home.

Focusing on quality, relatable content, The Homeworker magazine provides expert tips and strategies to equip modern homeworkers with the tools to work effectively and with confidence from home.

It’s a supportive and reassuring voice when you’re trying to integrate the demands of work, family and home life.

Each issue includes practical advice from experts in business, wellbeing, mindset and productivity. It’s balanced with insight, emotional support and interviews featuring homeworkers who are relatable and inspirational.

The Homeworker is a place to dive in, be inspired, be informed and be understood.

This is a magazine that gives you permission, and reminds you, to look after yourself as well as your business!


"A beautifully-designed magazine, that is overflowing with insight, love, support and inspiration for 'the homeworker'. Reading through each page is like hearing this gentle, but confident whisper, saying: 'You are not alone'. 'You've got this!'"
Ekaterina W

If you’ve ever longed to know what other people in your situation are doing and how they manage the work from home life: the boundaries, the mindset shifts, their mental health, The Homeworker can help you feel connected and inspired.

When you’re too busy to browse, it is your quarterly dose of content, created uniquely to motivate, support and encourage you when you work from home.

It’s packed full of expert advice and strategies to help you improve your productivity and stop the procrastination when you work alone without a team around you for advice and accountability.

The Homeworker Magazine provides the inspiration to spark your imagination, the motivation to push you forward, the guidance to help you achieve those dreams and the community to support you on your journey.

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The Homeworker Quarterly Magazine
"It’s so full of practical help and ideas that cover such a wide variety of issues, really felt like it was personally written just for me."
Susan D
Louise Goss, Fouder & Editor, The Homeworker magazine


I’m Louise, the non-coffee-drinking, ever-plate spinning, founder and editor of The Homeworker.

As someone who has worked from home for over half of my career, I understand the challenges, doubts, and anxieties around feeling good enough to let yourself and your work be seen and not having a team around you for advice and reassurance.

I wanted to create something that recognised the work from home lifestyle: the perks and the problems, the challenges around mindset and self-care, the distractions and productivity issues, and the importance of mental health.

I’m a journalist (even won an award for it some years ago), but I’m also a writer, blogger, editor, photographer, business owner, mum, wife… Like you, I wear many different hats.

As a parent, I understand the struggles of managing childcare and chores with running a home business, and the guilt around giving adequate time to the important people in your life.

It can feel so frustrating not having time to focus on your work when you’re also juggling home life, family and time for yourself (what is that?)

No office politics, autonomy and flexibility are fantastic but missing the social interaction and sense of belonging that comes from working as part of a bigger team is hard.

You’re creative, passionate and enthusiastic but sometimes the isolation can dull your spark and cause the self-doubt to creep in.

I know those struggles with a lack of accountability and how useful those little reminders and tips are to create achievable goals and follow through on tasks.

When everything rests on your shoulders, and you’re having moments questioning yourself, it’s really lonely.

There are questions, distractions and no one else to turn to at the next desk.

The Homeworker magazine, work from home advice, flexible work support back issues
The HOmeworker magazine. Work from home lifestyle, support and advice

•Do you clean those fingerprints on the windows, or clean up your inbox?

•Do you tackle the laundry pile or tackle those invoices?

•How do you organise your desk, your office, your time, and that never-ending to-do list?

•How to stop eating all the biscuits when there’s nobody else watching?

•To dress up or stay in pyjamas?

•How to create your perfect office?

•Who to turn to when your only companion is a dog (fluffy but not helpful for a brainstorm session)?

We cover all these sorts of issues and much more in-depth pieces in every issue. I hope you gain clarity, confidence and compassion for yourself and your work through our resources and writing.

"The range of articles is excellent, I think the fact that you are combining business centred pieces with self-care and well-being articles is fantastic and really shows an understanding of the issues that homeworkers face."
Anna G
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