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The world of work is changing. 

Welcome to The Homeworker Magazine.

The first magazine dedicated to helping you thrive when you work from home.

The Homeworker is here to inspire you to make positive changes that will help you achieve a happier, healthier, more fulfilling work life.

Focusing on quality, relatable content, The Homeworker provides information and resources to equip modern homeworkers with the tools to work effectively, healthily, and with confidence from home.

Our magazines and resources are designed to help you maintain a healthy mind, body, and business. 

"A beautifully-designed magazine, that is overflowing with insight, love, support and inspiration for 'the homeworker'. Reading through each page is like hearing this gentle, but confident whisper, saying: 'You are not alone'. 'You've got this!'"
Ekaterina W

Working from home is not just pulling up a chair at the kitchen table and hoping the day goes smoothly.

It’s about the habits and routines you create, the mindset you adopt, the work environment you set up and how you take care of your physical and mental wellbeing.

Our digital subscription is your quarterly dose of content, created uniquely to motivate, support and encourage you when you work from home alone without a team around you for advice and accountability.

It’s packed full of expert insights and strategies to help you improve your productivity and focus, work more effectively, and keep your health and wellbeing a priority.


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The Homeworker Quarterly Magazine
"It’s so full of practical help and ideas that cover such a wide variety of issues, really felt like it was personally written just for me."
Susan D
Louise Goss, founder of The Homeworker
Louise Goss, Fouder & Editor, The Homeworker magazine


I’m Louise, the non-coffee-drinking, ever-plate spinning, founder and editor of The Homeworker.

Having worked from home for over a decade, I understand how integrated our personal and professional lives can become when we work from home. 

I created The Homeworker to help inspire you to make the positive changes that will allow you to have a happy, healthy, productive homeworking life.

I fully believe that when we get the right foundations in place, we work better, we communicate better, we cope better with all the daily demands and stresses we experience.

Focusing on my five pillars for successful homeworking, The Homeworker takes a holistic approach to how we work from home. It is not just a business magazine but lifestyle, wellbeing, and interiors, as all are interconnected if you work remotely.

No office politics, autonomy and flexibility are fantastic but you can miss the in-person interactions.

You’re creative, passionate and enthusiastic but sometimes the isolation can dull your spark and cause the self-doubt to creep in.

What’s more, working from home can be really lonely.

There are questions, distractions and no one else to turn to at the next desk.

This is why we focus on mindset, mental health, wellbeing, communication, productivity, and workspace. 

We cover all these subjects in every issue. I hope you gain clarity, confidence and compassion for yourself and your work through our resources and writing.


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The HOmeworker magazine. Work from home lifestyle, support and advice

As well as individual subscriptions to the magazine, we also offer corporate subscriptions for leaders who want to support their remote teams and help them deliver more value.

We have opportunities to advertise through advertorials or advertisements, and we are open to collaborations if your product or service is a good fit for our audience.

Our editor, Louise can also deliver presentations and talks for your remote team. 

Be part of this exciting new, independent magazine and hub for homeworkers.

"The range of articles is excellent, I think the fact that you are combining business centred pieces with self-care and well-being articles is fantastic and really shows an understanding of the issues that homeworkers face."
Anna G

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