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Working from home: joining the new workplace revolution

Working from home (WFH) became the norm for thousands (if not millions) of people almost overnight. What was once a "nice to have" benefit, was suddenly enforced upon workers to help control the spread of the new Coronavirus. 

While we are not experiencing WFH under normal circumstances, the same challenges exist and it is a polarising subject. Those who love it applaud the flexibility and freedom. Those who loathe it struggle to find focus and motivation. But for some, regardless of how you come to start, the work from home transition is tough and one that induces unease, even anxiety. 

James Edmondson shares his experience of joining the new workplace revolution before Covid-19 made it compulsory.

Work from home transition

My first day working from home was planned to coincide with my car’s regular service and it was frankly rather awful. I was up at my normal time, early. But instead of following the regular cadence of activities to get me out of the door, within two minutes of my usual departure time, I naturally got involved with the household routine of getting two toddlers ready for nursery and pre-school. This is when the feeling of anxiety first began to kick in. Although this was all taking place well before 9 am, by coming out of my routine, the feeling of guilt that I should be working began to seep into me. 

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