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Your work environment affects your mood, your wellbeing, your ability to focus, and your creativity.

Working from home allows you to customise your own workspace to suit your needs and the type of work you do.

Adding new work environments into the mix adds variety into your week, can help inspire you, and offer a new perspective. By visiting coworking venues, you can start to build a community of people to collaborate with, enjoy social meetups, and chat through ideas.

We believe coworking can be a valuable addition to how you work, whether that is always from home, or you have a mix of remote working and days in the office.

Find beautiful, productive, and versatile spaces that suit your changing needs. Here are some of our special offers with our coworking partners!


Coworking with Othership


Work the other way.

Flexible memberships, for flexible working in collaboration with others. Built with remote and hybrid working in mind.

Othership manages this through its network of workspaces, events and collaboration tools.

Special offer for The Homeworker Community: Get 25% off any premium plan for life!

Use code: HOM3WORKER-25 

Coworking with Coworkmo

coworking venue with coworkmo
coworking venue coworkmo


Find coworking spaces, meeting spaces, and alternative workspaces from their growing list of venues around the UK.

Coworkmo are offering The Homeworker Community 25% off its annual membership giving you exclusive access to special discounts and offers at hundreds of coworking venues.

Use code: 86DD58355B