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Work from home playlists

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Music While You Work

Science tells us that music can have a positive impact on your productivity.

Music can act as an accelerator or a break depending on your mood and current state. Some people find listening to slightly faster tunes can boost their productivity; others enjoy repetitive music in the background to aid focus. While it is a personal preference, music is stimulating and can be a fun accompaniment to lift your mood when you work alone.

Try a homeworker playlist as a soundtrack to your work. If you love a bit of music while you’re at the desk, or don’t like working in silence, our monthly playlists can help to keep you focused. 

What’s more, at around 30 minutes long, they work well as a timing tool for short productive bursts.


This summer vibes playlist may take you back with some 90s and early 2000s nostalgia from the likes of Moby and Massive Attack. The playlist is composed of mostly non lyrical tunes, some with a higher bpm, which can get the blood pumping. If the weather doesn’t do it for you, this might. 



September new energy! This is a playlist to keep you motivated.

From some stirring, epic tracks to some more chilled out tunes towards the end. Tempos are once again targeted for productivity taking you through a half hour work session.


work from home playlist September energy