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How to create effective vision boards for goal setting

When your clients want to get their films screened at film festivals such as Cannes or Berlin, you know you need a carefully thought-through strategy to achieve those ambitions. Wing it and see won't cut it.

Working in the highly competitive film industry, Dr Rebekah Louisa Smith understands the importance of setting realistic goals, and the processes required to achieve them. As an award-winning film festival strategist, and founder of The Film Festival Doctor, she has helped her clients secure screenings at festivals such as Locarno, Tribeca, and Sundance among many others.

It is only through a very carefully-devised strategy that she helps her clients achieve these successes. One of the first steps in the process is creating a vision board that is so powerfully aligned with the ideal outcome, that it helps propel her and her team to deliver the desired results.

And the way she curates her vision boards for goal setting is something that can apply to anyone, in any industry, seeking to achieve goals in any area of their life.

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