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Unique Christmas gift ideas with The Homeworker Christmas Gift Guide

The Homeworker Christmas Gift Guide is where you’ll find unique Christmas gifts sold only by independent businesses. These are gifts you won’t see on the shelves of all the big retailers.

It’s a unique guide, dedicated to all the makers and creators who work hard designing and crafting quality products.

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Celebrating and supporting independent businesses

The Creativity issue of The Homeworker magazine has a special focus on the makers and creators. In the build-up to Christmas, we wanted to celebrate the people who work so hard crafting and designing beautiful products with heart and soul.

Sometimes there is a perception that something handmade or from an independent business might be of poorer quality or offer a less professional service. We find often the opposite is true. These items aren’t mass-produced on the same scale as something from a global retailer. They are lovingly made or designed and have a personal touch.

Each business owner has their own unique story and passion — things which make these gifts particularly poignant and special.

Sustainability and Purpose

We love that individuals make these items with real soul, passion and purpose. We were also encouraged by how many of these businesses have sustainability at their core. Many commit to being plastic-free, many use renewable or sustainable resources or ingredients with lower toxicity. They are better for your health and the health of our planet. 

From bracelets to bags, cashmere to candles, stationery to soap and prints to porcelain, The Homeworker Christmas Gift Guide showcases a beautiful collection of items some of which will hopefully find their way under your tree. We have jewellery from Catherine de Crèvecoeur, cashmere socks from Sleep Siren and bath salts from Tree Bee Apothecary among the gifts.

We also include the innovative Rug Buddy, an ingenious under rug heater that can heat up your workspace efficiently and economically, perfect for those colder days when you don’t want to spend money heating the whole house.

Shop Small, find unique Christmas gifts

The Homeworker supporting independent businesses

The Homeworker gift guide is available in issue 4 of The Homeworker magazine (Just go to back issues). Although the Christmas discounts will not be valid after December 2019, many of the small businesses featured are still worth exploring and checking out as they make and sell gorgeous products.

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