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About Time: A column by Abigail Barnes

abigail Brnes, columnist, The Homeworker

Abigail Barnes is the Founder and CEO of Success by Design Training, an award-winning entrepreneur, two-time author, international speaker, and corporate trainer on productivity, high-performing teams and wellbeing, as well as being the creator of the renowned 888 Formula and the new Productive Wellbeing Academy.
Using the 888 Formula she wants to help people create a more balanced life and reclaim an hour a day.
Find out more at www.successbydesigntraining.com
Her book, Time Management for Entrepreneurs & Professionals
is available here.

We’ve all been there, deadlines are looming, your to do list looks more like a shopping list, the clock just won’t stop ticking and most days you feel more like a professional juggler than a professional... 

Overwhelm and procrastination are your friends and, on the periphery, you glimpse the mythical people, the ones who look like they have their Time Management under control and you wonder for the millionth time what’s the matter with you. 

You’ve read the books about frogs and martial arts, attended the training about how to hack your time, tame your emails, and become a productivity rockstar but nothing works long term. 

Why do others have more time than you?

We all get the same 24 hours. We have the same as the people we admire, the people we respect and the people we resent.

Time is one of the universal truths, like gravity, but why does one person seem to have more of it than another?

At first glance you may notice they have more money, more help, more privilege, but you know there must be more to it than that. 

If you look at your colleagues, your friends, the people that inspire you, you will notice that not all of them started out with the funds, the support or the opportunities that they enjoy today so how have they done it?

“I stopped telling myself that I didn’t have enough time and I recognised that my beliefs were the things that were preventing me from achieving my full potential. I had to accept that it wasn’t time that was the problem, it was me.”

Abigail Barnes

Time management & self-worth

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