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Time management techniques to boost your happiness and fulfilment

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"How do we allow, an email, that we don’t know who it is from, that we don’t know how important it is, how urgent it is, how do we consciously allow that email to distract us from what we have planned to do?"

Philippe Masson

woman working at home office desk with plants using a digital calendar as a time management technique
George Milton, Pexels

The productivity formula for increased happiness and less stress.

We interview time management and productivity expert, and CEO of Avilio Group Philippe Masson to unlock some key principles of productivity and the time management techniques we can all implement to help us achieve more, and feel happier as a result.

Picture the scenario.

You have an endless list of things to do. One of the tasks you are working on requires you to check some information in an email. You open your email, you see a new message from a colleague and decide to open it. It asks for the data for a project you’re both working on. You know it will take a few minutes to just find the information, so you quickly go to the document to retrieve it. As you scan through, you notice an anomaly in some of the data and realise you need to chase that up.

Twenty minutes later, you are feeling stressed that you have not started the first task you had set out to work on, you have not given your colleague the information they need, and you now have another task to add to your list.

Often, we work in this way that creates a cycle of feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and ultimately, unhappy that we are not achieving the tasks we need to do.

In the above scenario, there was one first mistake, did you notice it?

You might think that it was opening the email. In fact, it happened much earlier in the process.

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