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Three surprising areas to invest your time for long-term productivity

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Stocks, bonds, property, whisky… When it comes to investing your money, there are many recommendations, but how about your time? Where should we be investing time to improve our long-term productivity?

Time is arguably our most precious asset. On a daily basis we often look at how we are going to spend our day, scheduling time for meetings, calls, project planning, and admin. But as with money, investing time is about thinking long-term.

While we all have to contend with growing to-do lists, family demands and daily chores, it is important to allocate time on things that will also improve your long-term productivity and enhance your wellbeing.

If your to-do list overwhelms and simultaneously frustrates you with its contradiction of important, necessary and less immediate activities, longer-term thinking can help.

When you focus on something unrelated to your list you give your subconscious mind the time and space it needs to continue processing solutions to those challenges in the background.

These three areas will reenergise your perspective.

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