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The power of the ambivert: Embracing all sides of your personality

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A column by Dr Stephanie Fitzgerald

balance of extrovert and introvert

I have never felt that comfortable with conversations about introverts versus extroverts. Whilst I can relate to elements of both, I don’t recognise enough of myself in either to pick one side or the other. Then I heard the term ‘ambivert’ and it all clicked into place for me. I’m not an introvert or an extrovert; I’m both. I’m an ambivert. 

If you imagine a continuum with ‘introvert’ at one end and ‘extrovert’ at the other, ‘ambivert’ sits in the middle. This middle ground is far more ‘me’, allowing as it does for a blend of both introvert and extrovert traits. It turns out I’m not alone. Research shows that most of us are ambiverts and that different circumstances, environments, moods and tasks will encourage more of our introvert or extrovert traits to emerge.

When the world forces us into a dichotomous view of ourselves, we can neglect to recognise our needs and make commitments based on assumptions about our energy which may not be sustainable, and lead us to feeling burnt out.

Dr Stephanie Fitzgerald

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