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Welcome to issue 23 – The Hybrid Issue

I find even today, there remains an ongoing debate over what is best for business. Work from home or work from the office.

For the many freelancers and self-employed, this has never really been a question. For many, they worked from home, building businesses, working on projects. For others, it may have involved a few days on site with a client.

Many of the arguments we see against remote working are quite polarising, viewed in a binary way. What the majority appear to be settling on is hybrid. A balance of days working remotely and days in the office together. The exact ratio also varies,  but this blend seems to satisfy the need for flexibility while also providing enough human touch points and interaction. 

We talk about hybrid in the context of employees but essentially hybrid is ‘a mix’ and so whatever the nature of your work, most of us work in a hybrid way: a mix of locations, a mix of styles, even a mix of roles and responsibilities.

And for those of us who work permanently from home, the conversation is helping us recognise our needs to get out, interact, and change our environments from time to time.

The solution is often a coworking venue. These have become creative hubs for vital business connections and of course, facilities and equipment you may not have at home.

We have explored five different independent coworking spaces around the country to see what they have to offer. Each has its own identity and unique offerings and as we move towards more hybrid ways of working, I cna see these spaces becoming increasingly popular with not just individuals but remote teams and small businesses.

Last month, we had an interesting talk about how to do hybrid well with Jon Kent, founder of InTheOffice. The full replay of the webinar is here and well worth a listen if hybrid working is part of your workstyle.

Following on, Ruth Richards shares her valuable tips on hybrid meetings. There’s a lot more to consider when you have some people attending in person and others virtually.

What we have seen as a result of hybrid working is a change in work fashions. Since covid, many of us have started to dress down – but stylist Lisa Talbot says this trend is starting to change. 

Another big talking point in the work from home/office debate is the importance of accessibility with the flexibility remote working offers, a big draw for many of those working with disabilities or who are neurodivergent.

In this issue, Lindsey Milner shares her story of being diagnosed with ADHD, and her experiences of working from home, including why it isn’t always the best solution.

One of our productivity articles looks at multi-tasking, something Anna Croucher argues, we need to stop. In many ways this is hybrid working on a micro scale, with a constant mixing up of tasks.

I hope you enjoy the features and videos. Have a great summer!



work from home eye health, eye looking at computer screen

Modern workstyles are taking their toll on our eye health.

Protecting your eye when you work from home

hybrid work essentials

The must-have items that will take you from home to coffee shop to office and keep you organised and flexible.

Hybrid work essentials

worker juggling a hybrid work schedule. Graphic of man doing tasks with arrows leading to house and office.

Wherever you work, there are key considerations to manage your time and resources.

How to manage your time with a hybrid schedule

graphic of woman multi tasking doing many jobs with many arms.

Multi-tasking. Super skill or brain drain? 

Why you need to stop multi-tasking and how to do it

graphic of group brainstorming for brand storytelling

Behind every successful brand is a compelling story.

Columnist, Michelle Jones delivers Branding Bites.

How to use storytelling to boost your brand


Anna Croucher

For a long time, multi-tasking was seen as something to reward with a badge of honour.

We were proud of our ability to do it all at once, the consummate juggler who would never turn down a request.

In truth, only 2% of us can truly multitask with any efficacy.

But we love it because it makes us feel productive. In fact, we get a little addicted to the dopamine hits from new tasks as Occupational Therapist and Workplace Wellbeing coach Anna Croucher explains in this article.

But what is it doing to our brains and our resilience?

In this video she looks at some of the ways you can avoid multi tasking, develop personal grit, and stay focused.

Take a ten-minute tea break and watch the video here.



Consultant and facilitator, Ruth Richards explains how to manage meetings where not everyone is in the room, plus some essential tips if you are joining a hybrid meeting.

How to have effective hybrid meetings.


A valuable discussion with Jon Kent of In The Office on what constitutes hybrid working, the modern day challenges and how we can overcome them, the role of the office and the coffee shop effect.

Watch the full conversation here


Gone are the days of a smart top and pyjama bottoms (mostly), but in comes a new question: what do people wear for work these days? Stylist, Lisa Talbot talks to us about workplace fashions.

The new workwear rules in a hybrid world

Black and white image of Lindsey Milner who is neurodivergent.

When Lindsey Milner was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, everything changed.

It explained so much and it also made her realise what she needed by way of support and work environment. She tells us her story and why working from home is not always the best solution.

Working from home and neurodiversity: why it doesn’t always work


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