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The Homeworker is releasing its complete guide to working from home, curating the best of the year’s content into one printed issue. It may come as a surprise because, as we keep hearing, print is dying, right?

In September 2019 Marie Claire announced it is to cease its UK print edition. A year earlier, NME released its final printed issue and this came as other brands announced greatly reducing their print offerings.

We all hear it: the future is digital. Gen Z consumes almost half of their news content on their smartphones and studies show when it comes to skills, it’s blogging, technology and online research that is the main focus for millennials and younger.

Yet, as many lament the decline in print, there is another phenomenon occurring in the publishing industry: the rise of independent magazines. Niche offerings with high design values which appeal to those who still want the “tactile experience of printed paper” and, as this article states, whose numbers have tripled over the past five years.

The Homeworker: the complete guide to working from home

The Homeworker in print

When The Homeworker magazine launched, the vision was never to print every issue initially. Digital is accessible, arguably greener, more convenient and certainly more affordable. But I could sense the appetite for print was there and research conducted among our readers and followers confirmed this. As well as the content, the design aesthetic was a key component. I wanted the magazine to look clean, stylish and contemporary and I’d get comments about how “gorgeous” it would look in print.

Although we have plenty of millennials reading The Homeworker, the demographic extends to Gen X and even a few boomers, those who are starting out on their homeworking journey after a corporate career or rediscovering skills in retirement.

The print edition offers our readers an alternative experience. It appeals to those who still enjoy the smell and touch of print. It is a chance for a screen-free moment to enjoy and sit quietly without any other online distractions. It’s an opportunity to learn and absorb valuable knowledge and ideas while taking a break.

The guide to working from home

complete guide to working from home, the homeworker magazine

There is nothing out there like The Homeworker. It’s a unique magazine that targets a growing portion of the working population. It adds to this increasing number of independent publications that speak directly to a niche group of people, providing something that they don’t get anywhere else.

We know digital is here to stay. The print issue does not replace the digital subscription. In fact, it is a perfect complement to it. The digital magazine will remain, providing regular, quarterly content, strategies and information. It features a broad range of articles that can respond to more time-sensitive issues. It’s interactive and still appealing to the eye. It allows readers to build an online library of homeworking tips and lifestyle advice without taking up shelf space.

The print issue curates the best of the year’s content, forming more of an annual guide and a hard copy reference to keep on your desk or flick through during a coffee break. It includes sections on your work from home wellbeing, productivity, mindset, lifestyle and communication and your home workspace. Articles include the likes of desk and office-based workouts, sleep hygiene and nutrition to organising your time and to-do list, the ergonomic office setup and overcoming isolation and imposter syndrome.

The Homeworker, like many of these independent offerings, is an antidote to flimsy, cheap, throwaway media. Instead, the magazine is a beautiful, coffee-table style edition with original cover art and the same design standards that you enjoy in the digital version.

We hope you enjoy it!

Issue out Monday 25th November – pre orders now open – read more here.

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Louise is an award-winning journalist and speaker who focuses on working from home, remote work and wellbeing. She is the founder of  The Homeworker, which is dedicated to helping you thrive when you work from home. The Homeworker publishes articles that are designed to keep you healthy, happy, fulfilled, and more productive in work and life.