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Comfort over corporate: The best work from home loungewear

luxurious sustainable work from home loungewear
Olive silk pants, Lora Gene, £105

A combination of hybrid and homeworking means our work wardrobes are taking a comfier turn. If you are based at home, you may well have found yourself opting for the work from home loungewear trend.

We are ditching the dresses and ties for softer fabrics and more casual looks. Slippers replace heels and joggers replace chinos. Loungewear is comfortable, warm, and nowadays, it can also be professional and stylish.

Late last year, the fashion retailers were stocking up on the knits and data from Dune London, revealed searches for two-piece loungewear sets were up 650% year on year. In fact, during lockdown many loungewear-related searches were up by at least 200%. Searches ranged from designer loungewear, to tie-dye loungewear which has soared 5900% year on year.

Add to that, rising utility bills have seen us reach for the wooly jumpers to keep warm rather than crank up the thermostat. Data from online retailer, Studio, found quirky hooded blankets saw a 96% rise in sales in October with interest in fleece pyjamas also increasing 23%.

However tempting it is to stay in your pyjamas, there are plenty of reasons why this isn’t a good idea. Getting dressed for a day at the desk helps you to set boundaries, feel professional, get into the right mindset, and be presentable for any video calls or meetings.

But comfort is still a priority for many and something we can embrace while working from home. We take a look at some of the brands offering up work from home loungewear outfits that mean you’re zoom ready but also feel right at home.

Sustainable loungewear

Clothing made from sustainable materials is becoming easier to find. Loungewear in particular has a good range with recycled polyester and plastics, bamboo, and hemp, which can all be turned into soft and comfortable weaves.

Many independent loungewear brands are showcasing comfortable clothing with a sustainable focus.

Specialising in sustainable, ethically-sourced fabrics. Lora Gene designs clean, minimalistic, feminine wardrobe staples including loungewear.

Azure high-neck sweater made from super soft alpaca blend, a rescued yarn saved from a factory in Bulgaria, Lora Gene, £109

Limited edition wool jumpers made by Snelston knitwear. The wool is scoured, spun, dyed and woven in the UK to produce a traditional jumper that is ecologically sound.

We love that the clothing tags are made from seed paper and discarded cotton fibres, so you can be confident that no trees have been felled.

They are impregnated with six varieties of plant seeds which will attract butterflies, bees and other pollinating insects. All the ink is vegetable-based, so you can plant your tag and watch it grow!

Unisex crew neck 100% British wool jumper, Loungers, £110

pure wool sweater

Smart work from home loungewear

The common perception is that loungewear equals scruffy or too informal but this is not always the case. Even a pair of soft trousers or joggers can take on a smart look these days.

While the stereotype is lounge bottoms with a more formal top half, even our tees and tops can be super comfortable and ‘Zoom ready’.

Foxology loungewear top ideal for working from home

Foxology are a British brand specialising in ethically-sourced knitwear. We love this simple but elegant merino top that won’t leave you looking shabby but will keep you snuggly!

Bausale merino knitted top in drift, Foxology, £95

Work from home dresses

You can find super comfy dresses from luxe knits and jersey to more casual and fun styles (and with pockets!). We love this oversized design from Cub and Pudding – perfect for out and about and working at home. While it may not officially class as ‘loungewear’, it definitely falls into the comfort category.

work from home loungewear dress with pockets by Cub and Pudding

Relaxed enough to take you from lounging to meeting. Hopscotch oversized dress made with organic gingham, Cub & Pudding, £156


On days when you really do want to dress down, a soft hoodie is an easy throw on. Layer a smarter top underneath for the occasional meeting and stay wrapped up and cosy for a day in the home office.

Pyjamas that aren’t

Some pyjamas are just too good to sleep in. These stylish sets could take you through your work day – but you may not want to take them off!

Work from home loungewear leggings and trousers

Let’s face it, when working from home, as long as the top is presentable, the key to feeling comfy is a stretchy or loose bottom half.

From luxe leggings to slinky silk, wide-legs to dungarees, these styles all have the comfort factor.

work from home loungewear leggings

We are also loving these versatile lounge leggings made fully opaque with a high waist in sizes 6-28 so you can work from home in comfort. Love Leggings, £32

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