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The best planners for 2020 to help you achieve your goals

It’s that time of year. We look at the best planners for 2020 to help you achieve not just your goals but to kickstart your more productive, healthier lifestyle.

We’re wanting to get organised for a new year ahead and as homeworkers, ensure that we have clear focus and goals to stay committed and in action!

We’re all looking out for a new planner! We’re ready to start populating pages with plans, dreams, goals and intentions; to kickstart good habits and get the New Year off to the best start.

While motivation is high, we’ve got a roundup of some of the best planners on the market for homeworkers!

Ponderlily Planner and Diary

The Homeworker reviews Ponderlily planner and diary
Ponderlily Planner & Diary

The Ponderlily Planner and Diary will help you stay organised and on track with your goals.

Not just for work and to-do lists, there’s space to plan your weekend, set meaningful intentions, practise gratitude and focus and recharge.

A planner that will help you become more aware of the balance in your life. 

We love the elegant style and clean lines plus the space for your own general notes that aren’t templated. Inspirational quotes help you stay motivated throughout as well.

Designed with women in mind and a great all-rounder.

Cost: £35

Hello Day Planner

The Homeworker reviews Hello Day Planner
Hello Day Planners

Hello Day is a planner with style and aesthetics at its core. The daily and weekly planners are designed to help you feel positive about your goals and achievements. 

The planning tools allow you to break down your goals throughout the year and each page includes sections to help you think about and monitor your wellbeing as well as the to-do lists with prompts for water intake, exercise, meditation and affirmations.

We love the high-end vibe of these planners. The daily planners are quite thick but give you plenty of space for planning your day and they now come in a smaller, petite option without the larger ring binding. The stunning cover designs might well mean you’re back next year to add to your collection.

Cost: £46 / £36

Bullet Journal (Leuchtturm1917)

The Homeworker looks at bulet journals by Leuchtturm1917
Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal

Bullet journaling has become a whole new phenomenon in itself. The most dedicated create beautifully-designed pages illustrated and decorated with stickers and washi tape worthy of some very beautiful Instagram and Pinterest posts.

As a productivity tool, the bullet journal system might take some getting used to but can be highly effective. The analogue system helps you track the past, organise the present and plan the future and gives you a useful record of your progress and work patterns.

The notebook features an 8-page starter guide to get you familiar with the dot-grid pages and a bullet key. The index and future log is included to help get you started setting out your journal.

Useful small touches include the elastic closure band and ribbons markers. 

The bullet journal system is one which help you develop consistency and could easily become a system you use in all areas of your life that require any form of planning or tracking.

Cost: £19.95

Inspire Now Journal

The Homeworker thoughts on Inspire Now Journal
Inspire Now Journals

The Inspire Now Journal is another planner with a clutter-free and flexible design, left undated to allow you to start whenever you want.

Focused on your productivity and self-improvement, reflection and progress is the name of the game. There are structured sections to organise your goals and small daily action steps to help you achieve them. Plus, there’s space to use lessons you’ve learned to continuously improve and evaluate your progress with weekly reflections.

Inspire Now is about giving you the tools to keep you focused and become “the best version or vision of yourself and live the life you dream of.”

Ideal for entrepreneurs or professional employers or employees. We love the colour options and useful ribbon page markers. The A5 size makes it nice and compact to carry with you as well.

Cost: £24.99

MYnd Map MY Journal

The Homeworker reviews MYnd Map MY Journal planner and gratitude journal
MYnd Map MY journal

Part goal-setting planner, part gratitude journal, MYnd Map is a 12-week journal that will help you kickstart your new habits ready to achieve goals and get you in the right place to be excited about life again.

The aim of the planner is to help you get unstuck and inspired and gives you three months of practices and inspiration to forge ahead with renewed momentum.

What sets this journal apart are the illustrations to colour in for added mindfulness practice. There are pages on which to journal and make notes and sections to reflect and chart the areas of your life which are often neglected. 

There are still monthly and weekly calendars plus daily pages to review where you need to find balance most.

We love the bright and bold cover options which are durable and waterproof and we appreciate the bleed-proof paper which is of premium quality. A subscription option is available which means you get your new journal sent to you every three months.

Cost: £29.99

The Law of Attraction Deluxe 12-month Planner

The Homeworker reviews the Law of Attraction, Manifestation Planner by Freedom Mastery
Law Of Attraction Planner

When it comes to things of beauty, the Law of Attraction Planner by Freedom Mastery is hard to beat and there is little that hasn’t been thought of. From the stunning leather-look cover with design artwork to the gilt page edging to the pen holder plus stickers to decorate, remind and motivate.

The planner is based on what they describe as “scientifically-proven steps” to increase productivity and happiness in your life. It comes with a manifestation road map and information and affirmations that correspond to your different emotions.

This planner is an all-rounder for life and one that guides you through setting goals that are right for you, including a vision statement and tools to plan your journey.

The weekly spreads give you space for to-do lists, to track habits, gratitude and achievements.

At the end of each month, there are pages and templates for your monthly reflections and bullet-journal grid pages for ideas and notes.

Plenty of extra space for notes at the back plus a full guide on how to use the planner effectively.

A range of colours and designs available in different sizes.

Cost: $38.95 

Lifestyled Planner

The Homeworker reviews Lifestyled planner
Lifestyled Planner

Two ladies, Ilaria and Lou have designed The Lifestyled planner, which they describe as the “essential kit for the modern woman.”

Each planner consists of goal-setting pages, calendars, priority sections and to-do lists. If keeping organised and on top of finances is the aim, this planner also has monthly spend-trackers and wallets to store receipts.

The Lifestyled Planner gives you the enhanced functionality of a diary which also looks good to boot. The stunning, design-led covers have protective, gold metal corners and will give your desk the Instagram-worthy factor. With a ring-binder design, there is space for one page per day and the look inside is clean and elegant meaning fewer distractions and more space to get down to business.

Cost: £45

Daily Greatness: Vagami Success Planner

The Homeworker reviews Vagami Success planner review by Daily Greatness
Vagami Success™ Planner

The Vagami Success™ planner from Daily Greatness focuses on your mindset as well as productivity.

Within the one planner, you have daily morning mindset coaching, inspirational quotes, appointment planners and a comprehensive goal-planning system including monthly check-ins.

There are also success strategy worksheets to help you stay focused and achieve the goals you set. There’s space to note the steps and timeline to reach certain goals within different life and work categories such as health, finances, family, travel, marketing and team building.

They say it’s perfect for the “career-focused professional” and the leather-look hardcover with magnetic closure makes this a practical and functional option. Available in graphite or gold.

Cost: £79

Ola Studio Layflat Weekly Planner

Ola Studio Layflat Planner review The Homeworker

Ola Studio’s layflat weekly planner is another undated option that gives you the flexibility to start at any time.

If you’re after a simpler planner without any of the extra sections, this one gives you that clutter-free functionality.

Fifty-two weekly spreads allow you to plan your week in a way that works for you. It’s designed with minimally-styled columns for to-do lists, evening plans and general notes.

It is also one of the more compact planners so it will fit easily into a bag and comes with a handy 2020/2021 calendar insert.

Cost: £18.00

*Costs are as of December 2019 without sales or discount prices added.

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