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The best desks for working from home

In recent years, the homeworker market has been slowly growing. There were products out there for remote workers and freelancers but for a long time, many homeworkers cobbled together what they could, and made use of the dining table and a chair. Ultimately, a desk is just a desk… Well, not anymore. Some of the best desks for working from home are now considering not just your ergonomics and comfort but your whole lifestyle.

Covid and the surge in numbers of people being home-based has been a big catalyst for designers, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs to create new products for the homeworker market. The best desks for working from home are stylish, versatile, secure, customisable, durable, and even recyclable.

Read on for some of the new designs on the market with practical, affordable options to high-end statement pieces of furniture.

THE PAPERHIVE POP-UP DESK: The cardboard one

Pop-up Desk: Large

You read that right. It’s a desk and it’s made out of cardboard. That doesn’t mean it’s not sturdy but it does mean it’s super lightweight, easy to assemble and disassemble, and completely recyclable.

The Pallite pop-up desk from The Paperhive comes in different sizes including a standing desk height and a junior version for children.

The obvious pros are the versatility and the cost (prices for the adult desks start at £27.99). If you’re working from home only part time or perhaps never again after the next few months, this could work as an affordable interim desk. It can also be taken apart and rebuilt within seconds so perfect if you’re needing to work in a living or sleeping space and need to pack it away regularly. If you have a large space, it can also work as a secondary desk or table – always useful for printers and/or an extra co-worker!

Cardboard doesn’t mean flimsy. The desk holds up to 50kg, more than enough for your average laptop, pens and notebooks and even comes with pre-cut out holes for cables.

Key Points:

  • Made from paper and glue so extremely lightweight – easy to move from room to room
  • Easy to assemble and pack away – build in under 20 seconds
  • Strong and durable – holds up to 50kg
  • 100% recyclable honeycomb paper that are from sustainable FSC certified sources
  • Pre cut holes for power leads


  • Large: W80 x D60 x H73 cm
  • Compact: W59 x D40 x H73 cm
  • Standing: W80 x D60 x H112 cm

The Paper Hive pop up desk

NEXT DESK: The multi-functional one

NEXT DESK - best desk for working from home
The Next Desk

What do you get when you combine the practicality of an office desk with the aesthetics and functionality of a home sideboard? The Next Desk. This is certainly one of the best desks for working from home if you don’t have a separate home office.

When the founders designed the desk, it was with small space living in mind. The Next Desk ticks many of the boxes when it comes to the work from home lifestyle.

Its foldable design means it acts as your office pod, keeping all your home office equipment and essentials contained with storage for your printer, files, and keyboard. When you’re finished, pack it away and close it up. It helps you to switch off and leave work behind, and it doesn’t have to encroach on your living space.

It is an attractive desk made from quality materials and you can pick from several colour combinations. While it is the most expensive option in this list (£1200 exc VAT), it comes with a host of benefits, such as secure locking, and design features which mean it doubles up as two items of furniture. There is the added benefit of extra power points and USB ports.

Key Points

  • Power supply with circuit breaker
    Single outlet from the home, 3 built-in power points,  2 USB ports.
  • Printer shelf
    Easily accessible. Secure when locked away.
  • Top desk
    Slides out for extra storage. Anti-topple.
  • Foldable sides with double locking mechanism
    Opens out for extra workspace. Folds away effortlessly. Keeps your data secure.
  • Built-in filing space
    Internal storage for lever arch and sling files.
  • Materials: FSC approved wood


W 130 x D 60 x H 74.5 cm

The Next Desk

MORPH DESK: The customisable one

morph desk - bespoke desk fro working from home on The Homeworker
morph furniture bespoke desk

When you mention bespoke desk, you usually associate it with a hefty price tag. That’s not the case with the morph desk. Its clever modular design means the desk is totally customisable but won’t break the bank. At its most basic, a morph desk will set you back £230 and the largest size with all the extras, £688.

When looking at the best desks for working from home, one of the considerations was sizing. There are many desks out there but how often do you find one that matches your space requirements? If you’re trying to fit a desk into a small alcove or non-standard space, the ability to have a desk made to your exact measurements will prove very useful.

Apart from the width, you can choose from a range of colours and add-ons so that your desk can be as simple or as feature-rich as you like. Currently, you can choose from hanging cupboard or shelf storage, an extra backboard plus pegboard, and a monitor stand. The other beauty of the design is that you can purchase add-ons at a later date and know they will all slot into your desk.

Key points

  • Customisable width and depth.
  • Three different wood finishes and six different surface colours.
  • Easy assembly with no screws required.
  • Optional add-ons include hanging storage (drawers or cupboard), rear screen, monitor stand.
  • Made from birch wood ply.

Morph Desk

EIGER STANDING DESK: The ergonomic one

Versatility is the name of the game with the Eiger standing desk. This lightweight platform is fully adjustable allowing you to sit or stand while you work. It comes in at a reasonable £197 (excl VAT) for the pro version and £227 (excl VAT) for the Pro Plus.

You can read about the benefits of standing desks here.

The EIGER Pro sit-stand desk is a 100% sustainably resourced, UK manufactured, retrofit design. It makes our list as one of the best desks for working from home as it lends itself perfectly to homeworkers who either don’t have space for a full home office or don’t want one.

It has multi-adjustable keyboard and monitor shelves so you can find the most ergonomic position for you when sitting or standing. Assembly and disassembly is also quick, it can be used almost anywhere, and can be stored away easily in is own eco-bag.

Made from eco-friendly, FSC-approved birch plywood, the Eiger desk is a lightweight, durable desk that gives you versatility. The small top shelf can fit a montor, laptop or tablet, while the larger one can fit two full-size monitors.

Key Points

  • Easy to move and store
  • Multi-adjustable ergonomic settings
  • Modular design means it is easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • iPhone/iPad/smartphone docks, cable outlet points, pen well
  • Protective clear lacquer finish

Main Shelf: 670mm (max width) 380mm (max depth)
Top Shelf: 480mm (max width) 280mm (max depth)
Large Top Shelf: 840mm (max width) 300mm (max
Cradle/Back Stand: 590mm (max width) 560mm (max
depth) 690mm (max height)

Eiger Pro sit-stand desk

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Ökoform Desk: The heated one

best dsks for working from home - the ocko heated desk
The Ökoform heated desk

Staying warm while working from home is a common challenge, especially in the winter months. This means this desk has made our list of the best desks for working from home because it actually heats you up.

The new Ökoform Warmwork™ desk comes with infrared heat technology built-in. This warms your hands, fingers and wrists, as well as pushes heat down to your lap and legs. It allows you to keep the heating off in the house and remain warm at your desk without affecting anybody else working from home. Radiant heat only heats the user, rather than the surrounding air, and this also means no draught or air being blown about by a fan heater, which is potentially noisy and dusty. At only 260 Watts, the founders say the Ökoform Warmwork™ Desk can be up to 90% cheaper to run than a fan heater.

The simple and neutral design comes with a choice of either a black or white frame and you can opt for the standard desk or the electronic, height-adjustable one.

Key points

  • Cheaper than a fan heater to keep you warm while working
  • Radiant infrared heat technology warms only the person sitting at the desk
  • Clean, quiet, and efficient method of heating
  • Adjustable dial for fine-level control of heating
  • In-built PIR adds extra safety by automatically turning off once the user has walked away.
  • In-built wireless phone charger

Available via Amazon Ranging from £249.99 to £499.00

Find out more here.

homeworker home office desk and home office equipment

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