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The best 2022 planners to help you stay focused and achieve goals

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It is that time of year when we look at some of the best 2022 planners on the market. Each year we conduct a planner review, hunting out some of the new designs as well as re-examingng some old favourites.

These planners are all designed to help you stay organised, achieve your goals, and create a better life balance for yourself as you start a new year afresh.

Time Block Planner, Cal Newport

Famous for time blocking and techniques to aid focus and productivity, Cal Newport, author of Deep Work released The Time Block planner last year.

It gives you the templated pages to structure your day according to his time blocking method. This system helps you become more intentional with your time and limits your likelihood to be distracted.

The undated planner lets you allocate tasks to certain blocks of time according to your schedule and gives you space to prioritise your tasks before blocking out your day. It also encourages you to have a daily shutdown to promote a healthier work-life balance.

Worth noting is that some users dislike the lack of hardback cover and it is only designed for a quarter – w ith space for thirteen weeks.

It does include a comprehensive introduction to time blocking and for those new to this method, it will help you to get into a good practice to keep you on track. A simple but effective planner that aims to boost your overall productivity.

Also check out our complete and simple guide to time blocking inside volume 3 of The Homeworker magazine

The 1% Planner, Just One Club

The idea behind the 1% planner is that it encourages you to commit to becoming just 1% better each day. A small number that seems achievable, yet over time, amounts to a big improvement.

It makes our list of best 2022 planners due to its simplicity in design that means you’re likely to stick with it.

Designed for 90 days, the 1% planner takes a holistic approach to your life so there is space to note down goals and ideas for your body, mind, work, relationships, personal growth, and fun!

1% planner inside pages

You can create a quarterly plan and review, plus there are weekly plan and review pages. The daily pages give you space to note your top three areas of focus and a dot grid page for extra notes or even bullet journalling.

We love the hardback linen cover and the fact it comes with separate habit tracker cards and portable affirmation cards for you to write your own affirmations. There are also three ribbons for bookmarking.

Take a look at the 1% planner

My PA Planner

Among our best 2022 planners is the My PA planner. It is back again for a second year running with a slightly adapted layout and new habit tracker.

This makes the My PA planner one of the most comprehensive planners we’ve seen, and a great all-rounder for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

If you’re looking for a planner with pages for project planning and social media planning, monitoring cash flow and sales, as well as goal-setting and gratitude journalling, this really is the planner for you.

my pa planner inside pages

A full year’s worth of pages that will help you to reflect, celebrate, and schedule your week. Two ribbons, quality paper, and elastic closure band are also plus points.

A planner for business and life.

Check out MYPA Planner

daily greatness success planner

Success Planner, Daily Greatness

Daily Greatness is no newbie on the planner scene and have several planners including their Life planner and Success planner. For this review, we’re looking at the Success planner, which centres on your goals and action plan.

As it is undated, you can start at any time of year but there are still quarterly and annual review pages. You can also create your own monthly wellness plan.

What makes this planner really hone in on the success part are the quarterly personal performance reviews. If you enjoy analysing and doing a little self-review, these pages allow you to score yourself (and for your peer or manager to do the same) on everything from work quality and consistency to creativity, integrity, and punctuality.

daily greatness inside pages

This is a planner that holds you to account as well as giving you the usual weekly timetable to schedule your tasks.

The Success Planner is bookended with a habits guide and yearly goals, and success plan at the front and a comprehensive annual review at the back. These include a strengths magnifier.

It is particularly great for a homeworker who might be part of a close team or who likes to monitor their performance with a buddy throughout the year.

See more of the Daily Greatness Success Planner


Classic Planner, Moleskine

There is something to be said for simplicity.

While this is more of a diary with notes pages, it does allow you to prioritise, schedule and keep to-do lists. If you’re not one for all the extra elements that many planners come with such as habit tracking, and weekly reviews, this pared-down planner is an elegant addition to your desk. It may also complement a more complex planner so you have this for portability and quick diary checks.

There are yearly and monthly views at a glance for a broad overview of your time. It then focuses down to a week to a page with a facing page for notes and to-dos.

moleksine planner inside pages

The elasticated closure band keeps it neat and the page quality means minimal bleeding. With a choice of soft or hardback, a range of colour options and three sizes (extra large pictured), you are bound to find one of these iconic planners which suits.

You can also find day to a page versions with a little more space for your appointments and to-do list.

Check out Classic Moleskine 12-month Planner

planners 2022 Power of 3

The Power of 3 ® Goal Planner, Yop & Tom

This undated goal-setting planner uses scientific concepts to guide you through from goal setting to goal achieving. It makes this one of the best 2022 planners for achieving your targets.

The Power of 3 ® refers to the many uses of three used throughout this planner including how it splits up the process into divide, organise and explain. They say your brain processes and remembers information that is delivered in threes much easier than anything else.

power of 3 planner inside pages

The system is a three-step process of Goal Setting, Goal Execution and Reflection & Migration.

It encourages you to focus on three goals every three months. Each goal has three milestones and each milestone has three tasks. The tasks can then be integrated in your day-to-day activities.

It is very much about goal-setting with pages for weekly, monthly, and three-monthly planning. There is also a yearly focus and overview.

A quality planner which comes in a choice of, wait for it, three colours.

Take a look at the Power of 3 ® goal planner

wall planner 2022 happy colour shop

Happy Colour Wall Planner, The Happy Colour Shop

A joyful splash of colour on your wall as well as a practical planning tool. This wall planner is also wipe-clean so if plans change, you can erase and reschedule.

Full of colour and cute illustrations, this wall planner is a useful and fun addition for an office or workspace so you can see what you have going on at a glance.

Whether for life admin, work appointments or social media planning, this bright wall planner lets you organise your days and see your whole year before you.

Happy Colour Wall Planner

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