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The best 2021 planners to keep you motivated and productive

Something that many workers rely on to stay organised, productive, and on track is the humble planner. As it is a desk staple for many a homeworker, we’ve looked at some of the best planners for 2021.

These days there are many on the market from the most basic of diaries to fully structured goal-setting, health-monitoring, and business tracking planners.

Boss Bird Planner

boss bird planner review The Homeworker
The Boss Bird Planner

This slimline A4 planner makes our list of best planners for 2021 because it caters so well to the busy working parent or anybody who needs a simple framework to work to each week.

The 52-week planner has all the essentials in one spread. It is dateless, allowing you to start and use it when convenient for you.

Each double spread gives you a weekly timetable to schedule in your appointments and tasks. Then there are spaces for tracking health, noting down meal plans, monitoring finances, and planning social media content.

Inside Boss Bird planner
Inside Boss Bird planner

Its slim size means it will slip neatly into a bag and it has a lovely design with artwork and quotes dotted throughout to keep you inspired.

Cost: £26.99

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Goaldigger Planner – MiGoals

Goaldigger planner by MiGoals

If you’re serious about your goals and are particularly task-orientated, this will be one of the best planners for 2021 for you. It is both coach and goal-planner, guiding you through with careful prompts and lists to help you achieve what you set out to do.

There are motivational quotes dotted throughout but the core of this planner is to get you focused on what you need to do each day. There is also information about how to set goals, the different types of goals you might want to set and monthly review sections to keep you on track.

Best planners for 2021 - MiGoals Goaldigger planner
Inside Goaldigger planner

Before you get to the main planner, there are pages to reflect on what you want to do, evaluate your life, and create a vision board for the year ahead.

It comes in three colour options and arrives in a lovely box Price: £26.53

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MY Journal Planner – MYnd Map

The Homeworker picks best planners for 2021 - MyJournal Planner
MYJournal Planner

The new planner from MYnd Map is a 3-month productivity and mindfulness planner, journal and workbook.

It gives you the tools to launch into your next year with purpose and a positive mindset. While it doesn’t take you through a full year, it is undated, meaning you can start and use it at any time to give you a 13-week intensive kickstart.

There is a comprehensive guide at the start with useful information and ideas on how to use the planner and productivity tips. It combines many of the elements of their gratitude and mindfulness journal with the functionality of a planner.

Mindfulness and self-care are important themes throughout. There is space to set your intentions, pages for doodling and colouring, and a wheel of life to help you evaluate and find a better balance in your life.

Colouring and journalling inside MYJournal Planner

Pages are daily, weekly and monthly to help you narrow down on your goals and tasks. This is for the person who wants more than just to organise their life but do so in a mindful and centred way.

Two colour options with faux leather cover. Cost £34.99

Find out more here.

MYPA Planner

one of the best planners for 2021 - MyPA comprehensive planning tools
MyPA 2021 planner

This is an all-rounder and definitely one of the best planners for 2021 because of how comprehensive it is. If you’re a small business owner or freelancer, the My PA planner has it all. It guides you through from the beginning to help you set solid foundations for your year in business. With pages and prompts to note down your purpose and visions, and ensure you’re heading in the right direction from day one.

It helps you to structure your work and your week. Inside, is plenty of space for keeping tabs on finances and cash flow, your social media planning, and weekly reflections.

Inside MyPA Planner 2021

My PA Planner contains a complete roadmap from start to finish and importantly includes space to note down and celebrate achievements so that you can see your growth in several areas of your business as you progress through the year.

It is on the thicker side so possibly quite heavy to carry around. But it’s ideal to keep on your desk, and still small enough to pop into a bag if you need to take it out and about.

Cost: £35

Find out more here.

Tsuki bullet journal – Notebook Therapy

Tsuki bullet journal, (limited edition: Gentle Giant), Notebook Therapy

If you’re somebody who doesn’t like a set structure and if you enjoy organising your own pages and layouts, Noteboook Therapy’s bullet journals will be among the best planners for you.

If you follow the traditional bullet journal method these dot grid notebooks will be ideal, allowing you to create your own system and be as artistic or streamlined as you want.

one of the best planners for 2021 - Notebook Therapy bullet journal
Inside the Tsuki dot grid bullet journal

The Japanese-inspired stationery comes with beautiful, thick, quality pages, and lovely designs on the cover. They have some new limited edition Tsuki bullet journals with different cover designs and feels, which come in a lovely eco-friendly box. The original Tsuki bullet journal comes in two pastel shades with gilt-edged pages.

The 160 gsm paper mean they hold inks and even watercolour with no bleeding. Some of the editions have size options: original, A5, and the slightly bigger B5 size. All are handy to slip into a bag and have with you on the go.

Cost: £19.47 – £25.47

Find out more here.

It’s an exciting time to start thinking about the future, and what this next year will bring. A planner can help you stay motivated and achieve your goals for the year. They can also help to keep you on track and make progress in all areas of work, life and health.

Which planner will you choose?

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