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A beautiful coffee-table style, quality magazine that is the perfect resource to dip into at home and keep to hand for inspiration and tips to work from home better.

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Ergonomic Home Office Equipment

Prevent sore backs, tingly wrists, and aching shoulders with a discount of Posturite’s range of ergonomic home office furniture. They are experts in supplying products specifically designed to help you work in comfort.

From chairs, desks, lamps, stands, and desk accessories, you can shop the range and enjoy a 20% discount

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Discounted Coworking with Othership – Limited numbers

Othership have coworking venues across the country.

They are offering up to 50 Homeworker subscribers a free essential plan – for life. This plan gives you access to their On Demand workspaces and their member groups and chat.

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Coworking membership discount

Get access to a multitude of special offers and discounts at coworking venues around the country with Coworkmo.

With their membership, you can get up to 50% off desk space, meeting room space and food and drink in many of their listed coworking venues.

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Home Workstation Setup Course

Nell is one of the UK’s leading physiotherapists. A specialist in treating patients with complex and long- term issues, she works closely with top surgeons and other healthcare professionals. Her online course, Setting
up your home workstation for success, was inspired by the lockdown realisation that her City patients were breaking themselves with makeshift workstations, and had no idea how to set up their own healthy working environment.

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Instagram: @nellmeadphysio