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Six steps to manage your mental health at home

man thinking in chair, trying to manage mental health at home
Nik Shuliahin, Unsplash

Control vs Influence

When we struggle with our mental health, it can feel as though we’re having something done to us. We feel a blanket of anxiety, stress, depression or unhappiness cover us over and we hunker down and wait for it to pass. Even if it does, we can worry about our mood dipping again when times are better. This sucks the joy out of our present moments by making us worry about the future. We begin to fear the mental health issues lying in wait ready to attack us when we least suspect it. 

When people ask me about mental health management at home, I say the key is in the name: management. In any project, there are risks and pitfalls, alongside wins and successes. It is through careful project management that we navigate those challenges. The same is true of how we manage our mental health.

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