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The Homeworker Magazine issue 20: Grow (digital)


The Homeworker magazine Issue 20 – Grow. A digital magazine to help you thrive when you work from home.

Inside we explore how you can develop a growth mindset, even when working alone. We share top tips for building your network that boosts your career growth. We look at how to expand your time, why you need to take up more space, and how to grow more sustainably – as well as why you need to.


The Homeworker magazine Issue 20 – Grow. A packed edition of the digital magazine designed to help you thrive when you work from home. Inside, there are plenty of articles and interviews to inspire, inform and help you perform your best.

This issue explores the theme of growth. We have a big feature on growth mindset, as well as inspiring interviews with people who have embraced it and had incredible results. We explore two theories about time to help you stop procrastinating and get more done in less time. For small business, we look at different methods to grow, as well as expert marketing and branding tips.

Learn why you need to stand tall and take up more space at your desk and how to grow your professional development, even when working from home. We share a guide to building and growing an effective, lasting network that will boost your career growth. For your home office, learn how to create more space, even in the smallest rooms.


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