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Seven really useful gift ideas for people who work from home

Something practical, something pretty, something useful, something unique and maybe just something extra special because you deserve it.

Not sure what to say when people ask what you want for Christmas? Here are some useful gift ideas for the modern homeworker.


Noise cancelling headphones

Because work is important, because they are great if you want to add a few tunes to your day, and because if you ever need to work when other people are home… It’s a great excuse to well, just ignore them.

Also, on a more serious note, when taking work out of the home to a café, library, or co-working space, noise-cancelling headphones really allow you to shut off all the distractions and zone in on your tasks in hand.

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A good chair

Homeworkers don’t all have the luxury of occupational health sorting out ergonomic tests, and a good chair is essential for anyone spending long amounts of time seated at a desk. You can go the whole hog with a fully-loaded chair with all the back, lumbar and pelvic support, or something lower-spec with adequate support to simply help you work pain-free.

There are also some decent posture-correcting kneeling chairs, which can help take pressure off your spine.

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A decent planner

Anyone running a business, or working as self-employed or freelance needs a good planner. It’s the foundation stone for so many when it comes to setting out goals, ambitions, documenting real growth and reflection.

They can be useful for keeping yourself accountable; monitoring your progress; noting to-do lists on a monthly, weekly and daily basis; and reflecting on what has and hasn’t been successful. Some even include sections for self-care, gratitude and mindfulness journalling.

There are so many different types of planners containing different elements so the planner you choose will depend on the type of business you run and the type of person you are. A planner doesn’t need to be boring, there are some beautiful designs which cover aesthetics as well as functionality.

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Massage… anything

Massage kits, rollers, wooden tools, acupressure mats; anything to help those hunched-over shoulders. For those who work at a computer, or with little need to move for much of the day, these are the gifts to knead deep into those knots!

Equally just a good old massage voucher for an hour of full body relaxation would also go down well, although something which can be used each day to relieve the tension would be a good investment.

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SAD lights

Ok, this fits under the ‘practical’ or ‘useful’ category because it certainly isn’t a pretty gift, however, working to deadlines, pulling all-nighters but also trying to keep yourself on a good schedule and in sync with the rest of the world and suddenly it makes sense.

There are a range of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) lights. The wake-up lamps are good for getting you up on time and also provide extra bright light for an energy boost in the day.

There are also some SAD desk lamps which are really versatile, offer a bit of mood-boosting light therapy which also improves alertness, and can be used to work or read by.

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Stationery Caddy

Who doesn’t love stationery? Can you have too much? Even if you believe you can never over indulge in some pretty notepads and pens, you still need somewhere to keep it all, and it’s always nice to have some clutter-free space on the desk. (How else to create some insta-worthy #onmydesk flatlays? Exactly.)

These can come in so many designs and colours there’s always something that suits, and I particularly like the ones with a chalk board on so you can write your own messages: ‘Mine’s milk no sugar if you’re asking’,  ‘Genius at work’ could be options. Or, maybe I could keep a tally of the number of days I’ve gone without sarcasm… Or, more seriously, it could be used for a few personal little pep talks or favourite quotes.

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Bird Feeder

Now you’re thinking I’m mad, but consider it for a minute. You’re sat at home working alone for most of the day and you might occasionally glimpse some neighbourhood action out of the window. You might get to know Mrs. Mills-opposite’s routine pretty intimately but other than that, it can be a lonely old day.

So, imagine how lovely it would be to see birds fluttering about at your window throughout the day. It’s a source of inspiration, stimulus, and a way of getting up closer to nature while you work. Win.

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Louise is an award-winning journalist and speaker who focuses on working from home, remote work and wellbeing. She is the founder of  The Homeworker, which is dedicated to helping you thrive when you work from home. The Homeworker publishes articles that are designed to keep you healthy, happy, fulfilled, and more productive in work and life.


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