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Setting up a home workspace for optimal wellbeing and productivity

home workspace set up with desk in command position

Interiors therapist and feng shui practitioner Suzanne Roynon reveals how you can set up your home workspace for wellbeing and to support your success.

We’ve talked previously in The Homeworker about activating the feng shui of a home and how it can
promote positive vibes, good health and increased success.

After thirty years using the Western form of feng shui (which uses the front door of a home to identify the different areas such as wealth and relationships) I realised the traditional form of Feng Shui (which uses compass directions and remedies based on the elements of fire, water, earth, metal and wood) was infinitely more powerful than anything I had experienced before.

Out went the trinkets and kitsch ‘feng shui cures’ and in came plants, colours and practical solutions which make so much more sense in any home, and actively cleanse and enhance the energy of a space rather than gather dust!

Setting up your optimal space

For this article I’d like to talk about creating a space to work in at home which supports, nurtures and
inspires, as well as allowing you to get the job done efficiently and enjoy the environment in which
you spend much of your day.

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