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Work From Home Power Hour

 Imagine starting each day feeling prepared, motivated, focused, and inspired to do your best work.

We understand that remote work can present new challenges and stresses. Successful and sustainable homeworking is about the habits and routines you create, the mindset you adopt, the work environment you set up and how you take care of your physical and mental wellbeing.

We want to help you go from juggling and struggling to streamlined and productive.


Louise Goss, founder of The Homeworker

Louise is the founder of The Homeworker and has been living and breathing working from home well before the onset of Covid-19 and the leap into remote and hybrid working.

Having worked from home for over a decade, she has developed simple systems and routines and created an environment that has allowed her to flourish alongside raising a family.

Speaking regularly with experts in psychology, productivity, wellbeing and workspace design, she has become an expert in the field of remote work.

As founder of The Homeworker, she has a huge tool bag of techniques and resources that can help you get unstuck. 

As a journalist, she can also offer bonus support for certain aspects of your work such as camera confidence, presentation, or PR if you feel these areas could enhance your experience.



The WFH Power Hour

With these powerful sessions, we can dive into the areas where you feel you need most support, and explore what routines and set-up will work best for you and your circumstances.

These are friendly but focused sessions whereby you get the benefit of my experience and knowledge to create a simple action plan to help you improve your working day and see the ripple effect that has on other areas of your life.

If you have a vision in mind but feel you’re not quite living it at the moment, we can work through a number of points to help you get clear get and into a position of confidence, calm, clarity and compassion for yourself.

We will look specifically at:

• Exploring small adjustments to your daily routines that can improve how your day unfolds.

• How to enhance your home work environment for improved productivity and wellbeing.

• Achieving a healthier work-life balance that gives you time to breathe and think.

I get really excited about working with people and seeing those lightbulb moments and changes in attitude and approach to work and life!


WFH power Hour: £149

Subscriber rate: £99

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