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Welcome to The Homeworker Magazine for corporate accounts.

Start supporting and inspiring your remote teams with a useful resource for when you’re based at home alone.

For businesses or teams where up to 100 people work remotely, this annual subscription will give everyone in your business who needs it, access to The Homeworker magazine and other content via a unique login.

With an annual subscription, you get access to The Homeworker Subscribers Lounge for your team:

• The Homeworker quarterly magazine

• Access to premium articles on the website

• Monthly playlists for productivity and enjoyment

• Live events with speakers on different topics

• The Ten-minute Tea Break: Video interviews, tips, and talks

• The WFH Wrap newsletters to keep you up to date with new events, news and information on remote working


The Homeworker offers expert interviews and insights providing reassurance for remote teams, while giving them something enjoyable and informative to read as well as access to other resources.

With practical tips and ideas to help remote workers get the most out of their new lifestyles, subscribing to The Homeworker is a way to show your employees that you care about their welfare, while also helping them to navigate the new ways of working.

With articles and interviews covering a range of topics dedicated to helping you thrive when your workplace is not always in the office.

• Mindset • Mental and physical wellbeing • Productivity • The home workspace • Communication • Business and Leadership • Profiles and perspectives


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