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Issue 1: New Beginnings

Issue 001: New Beginnings

•How to deal with comparison and imposter syndrome

•Pilates at your desk

•How to create your best morning routine

•How to curb the desk-time snacking

•Camera Confidence for the age of digital marketing

•Achieving work-life harmony as a parent

•Getting your head around Making Tax Digital

•Recommended reading and listening

•Inspiration to brighten your home office

•The ergonomic home office

•How to grow your emotional intelligence

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“A beautifully designed magazine, that is overflowing with insight, love support and inspiration for the homeworker. Reading through each page is like hearing this gentle, but confident whisper, saying: ‘You are not alone. You’ve got this!'”
– Ekaterina W

“It felt like an oasis of calm in the craziness of my life!”
-Emily B

“Such a beautiful, fresh magazine! I love the variety of content – and found it really inspiring.”
– Nicky L

“It’s so full of practical help and ideas that cover such a wide variety of issues, really felt like it was personally written just for me. A guide I will be referring to again and again for sure as I develop as a new business from home. Thank you”
– Susan D

“It’s absolutely beautiful and I learned a ton. I felt motivated and calmed by reading it: a perfect combo!”
– Kate L

“An amazingly beautiful design, full of practical and inspiring content which covers a broad spectrum of articles from food, wellbeing, positive mindset, productivity hacks, taxes, home office decor … you name it.
It helps you stay motivated, optimistic.”
– Barchi F

“I feel like this is what I’ve needed in my life as a freelancer.”

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