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flexible working roles

At The Homeworker we believe in choice. 

We also believe in inclusivity. Flexible working roles and the ability to work from home are ways employers can create more inclusive workplaces. We have seen demand for homeworking and flexible roles increase in recent times, particularly due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We have also seen that it can work – for both the employer and employee.

Whether it is working from home, job sharing, flexible hours, or hybrid working, it helps people achieve a better work-life balance and enables people from many different backgrounds, abilities, ages, and ethnicities find work that suits them.

As advocates for true flexibility and for people being able to work around their lives rather than live around work, we are proud to partner with Find Your Flex who provide the roles and resources to help you find your ideal flexible working role.

Find Your Flex create fairer Futures of Work;

Where Diversity & Inclusion are the heart of businesses working practices & cultures.

The rigid working structures of the 19th & 20th century no longer reflect societal needs;

Our needs continually evolve, adapt and can take us across a precipice of change if we allow technology and flexibility to unleash their full potential.

                                                            We support people and businesses find their version of ‘flex’ internally and externally through Output or Outcome-based working.

Utilising technology and adopting a flexible mindset allows every person & business become more productive, profitable and innovative.

Together we can address the gender pay gap, ensure everyone has fair access to work and level the playing field for every race, gender, sexuality and economic background. 

Some of our clients

Find Your Flexible Role

 Cheney Hamilton

Listen to About Work audio series with Cheney Hamilton

Cheney Hamilton is leading her business to the forefront of co-creating solutions for organisations who want better business models for themselves and their people.

Her mission began supporting people to find true flexible working roles. Whilst this mission is ongoing, the services she and her team offer have evolved into supporting organisations to find internal flexibility through their people, digital and business practices.

Through the specialist consultancy service, Cheney works closely with partners to co-create and deliver solutions with her clients. Solutions that are people centric and geared for success, mutability and social great.

Cheney actively speaks at career and future of work events and has received awards for culture, entrepreneurship, championing women and community making. She has now joined the APPG on the Future of Work which will help set policy and future legislation.