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How work is being reimagined: The Style Issue

Behind the scenes of our digital issue: Style.

This issue is not just about fashion but about style – in all senses.

From style confidence, and how remote working has changed that, to how to communicate and set boundaries with different personality styles. w

We look at workstyle, and how it has evolved, and take a look at the one thing that is going to revolutionise how we work: artificial intelligence.

Each issue of the magazine covers the key pillars for successful homeworking from your wellbeing and mindset to your habits, communication, and work environment.

With this issue, we have been able to explore these and much more to give you tools and insights to work from anywhere – and with style!

How our working styles are changing: from past to future

When it come sot how working styles are changing, the big topic of the moment is artificial intelligence (AI), particularly with the public availability of Chat GPT. Speaking to experts, we explore the possibilities, how we can use it now in our daily lives, and the challenges we face. There are reasons to have concerns and we look at what to be aware of.

Workstyle is the name of the best-selling book by Lizzie Penny and Alex Hirst. Lizzie talks to us about how working styles have evolved through the ages with an interesting perspective on how we are going full circle with work while also failing to keep pace with technology.

the homeworker issue 18 workstyle article on changing work styles

The art of style and presentation

Style and fashion have become confused, according to style coach, Samantha Harman, who gives us fascinating insights into how our outfit choices influence our behaviour and ability to reach our goals. We look at what your wardrobe says about you and share the key items for a versatile capsule wardrobe.

In today’s video-centric age, we are all becoming presenters to camera. From power point presentations, webinars, and virtual meetings, to interviews and online classes, we need to learn how to engage on camera to build rapport and get results. We cover some top tips to take your presentation style up a notch so it is memorable for the right reasons.

Productivity and communication

When it comes to working as part of a team, we have to deal with many different personality styles and behaviours. Systemic team coach, James Edmondson shares how best to communicate and set boundaries with the different personalities we come across.

We think about investing money for long-term gains but how often do we think about where we invest our time for long-term success? We look at three perhaps surprising areas in which to spend more time that will enhance your wellbeing and productivity.

One key area for your business is your finances, and your finance function. Consultant, Tessa Pollard shares practical tips to help you improve your finance function so you can spend less time worrying about the figures and more time building your brand.


With certain people dubbing working from home, ‘shirking from home‘, maybe taking a nap during the working day would be seen as the final insult. However, we ask expert sleep consultant, Dr Neil Stanley about he pros and cons of a power nap. He shares how to make them effective as well as when not to take one.

Inside this issue we also have recommendations, workspace inspiration, business profiles and a look at the future of work from a European perspective.

For access to the full issue, an annual subscription gives you quarterly issues plus the entire library of back issues.

For access to the full issue, an annual subscription gives you quarterly issues plus the entire library of back issues.

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