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How to use Feng Shui to inject energy into your workspace

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Samuel Peter, Pexels

By Suzanne Roynon

You’ve heard of feng shui, maybe you’ve read about the celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney and Georgina Rodrigues or the businesses like Amazon, HSBC and the Mandarin Oriental Group who use it to support their continued success and wellbeing, but are you tapping into the positive energy for yourself and your business?

Do you know how to to use feng shui in your workspace to really make an impact on your career and business success?

As an Interiors Therapy expert and Feng Shui practitioner, like you, I enjoy the flexibility of working from home in a space which nurtures and supports my career and wellbeing. Unfortunately, lots of people don’t find their way to the benefits of using feng shui and struggle on in their lives, hitting one brick wall or disappointment after another. It’s only when they realise enough is enough and look for a solution that the penny drops - its not them - it’s their home!

Feng shui is used both as a standalone option for and as part of the dynamic five step interiors therapy method devised over the last 30 years to create happier, healthier, more loving and successful homes.

The first step is to understand the four ‘house archetypes’ found in traditional feng shui. By reading the following descriptions, you may instantly realise which type you are living in – and it can explain a lot about what’s been happening in your life since you moved into your current home!

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