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How to prioritise your time effectively so you get more done

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With a long list of to-dos that can sometimes cause more stress than satisfaction, we are often faced with the familiar question: What do I tackle first? Here, I’ll share some of the strategies I’ve tried and my personal method for organising and how to prioritise your time effectively.

The benefits of prioritising time effectively

Our brains need motivation to commit to trying new things, creating new habits and sustaining them. Let’s start by identifying what you stand to gain from organising your priorities. 

How could your career, life, and relationships improve? 

  • Organisations reward and promote good time managers – people that are consistently organised, productive and meet their deadlines.
  • Having more time for family, friends, hobbies and health will bring more balance, fun and fulfilment to your life, you’ll have more time to do what you love with the people you love.

Three traditional approaches to prioritising your time

With the benefits in mind, let’s talk about some strategies you can try in your own career, business or life to categorise and organise your to-do list by priority. 

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Abigail Barnes
Abigail Barnes

Abigail Barnes is the Founder and CEO of Success by Design Training, an award-winning entrepreneur, two-time author, international speaker, and corporate trainer on productivity, high-performing teams and wellbeing, as well as being the creator of the renowned 888 Formula and the new Productive Wellbeing Academy. Using the 888 Formula she wants to help people create a more balanced life and reclaim an hour a day.
Find out more at www.successbydesigntraining.com
Her book, Time Management for Entrepreneurs & Professionals is available here.