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How to maximise your time and allocate it effectively

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There’s a lot going on in the world right now and most of it is out of our control. During busy periods of the year, and when social and family commitments take over, we often have logistical, emotional and financial stresses. Here, we look at how to allocate your time when life gets busy.

About Time is the productive wellbeing column by Abigail Barnes, founder of Success By Design Training. She is an award-winning entrepreneur and corporate trainer. Using the 888 Formula she wants to help people create a more balanced life and reclaim an hour a day.

What are you prioritising?

Every day our time bank account gets refilled with 1440 minutes, or 24 hours. When was the last
time you stopped and looked at what you were doing with that time?

Most of us never do, we’re too busy on the treadmill of life; working, eating, sleeping and
repeating until one day something happens to us, to someone we know or to someone we don’t
that forces us to stop and take score.

Perhaps 2020 was your wake-up call, maybe it was your last health review, or a conversation
with your line manager or client that made you open to looking at things in a different way. Maybe you’re starting a family, or your family has grown up. Perhaps the change in season is your call, whatever it is don’t ignore it. It is for you and will keep calling until you take action because it’s about your life and how you are currently using the time you have.

It wasn’t until the day I thought my life was over that I realised I had been ignoring every call.

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