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How to harness emotional intelligence when you work remotely

emotional intelligence - woman holding a range of emoji balloons

We hear a lot about ‘Emotional Intelligence’ but what does this really mean and how can we use it to make ourselves happier and more productive, especially in a remote work scenario?

Leadership and Mindset Coaches, Sarah Bramall and Rebecca Daniel, Co-Founders of The Coaching Catalysts explain how.

What is emotional intelligence?

As humans, we are a bundle of emotions and these emotions impact how we feel and how we interact with others. While society has traditionally valued IQ as a measure of success, we now know that ‘EQ’ or Emotional Intelligence is integral to how we function. Emotional Intelligence can be defined as the ability to identify and manage your emotions, as well as recognise and respond to the emotions of those around you.

Why is emotional intelligence important?

As humans, being able to recognise and regulate emotions is fundamental to our wellbeing and mental health. Our ability to respond to the emotions of others is crucial to building and maintaining positive relationships. 

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