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How to handle interviews: A look inside The Homeworker Issue 16

The Homeworker - issue 16

Interviews can inspire new ideas, provoke conversation, change your view on the world, and of course, some can land you the job of your dreams. All of us are impacted by interviews: whether we are being interviewed, conducting an interview or simply listening to or reading one. When it comes to interview tips, this issue of The Homeworker magazine delves into all aspects.

Not only have we interviewed some forward-thinking and creative individuals, we are also exploring how to best handle media interviews with PR expert, Fiona Minett. We have a guide to ‘clean questioning’, a technique that will help you get the most out of the person you are questioning (including yourself). Psychologist, Dr Stephanie Fitzgerald also shares her advice on combatting pre-interview nerves and we go behind the scenes for some insider knowledge on creating chart-topping podcasts.

John Sopel, Emily Maitlis, Dino Sofos, part of The News Agents team

Podcasting Tips to improve your output

When it comes to podcasting, there are few better clued up than Dino Sofos. As the brains behind some of the BBC’s biggest podcasts including Newscast and Americast, he even lured journalistic heavyweight Emily Maitlis from the Beeb to launch his new podcast, The News Agents.

Talking to Dino, we get some interview tips and insider insights into working with some of the country’s best journalists to create a daily podcast, as well as ideas that will help you with your own podcasting journey.

Whether you are looking to get started, are already in the game, or are simply curious about the world of podcasting, this is a peek behind the scenes that you won’t normally get.

Channelling interview nerves

There are fewer situations more daunting than heading into an interview, whether that is the one for a new job, or one for the media. Either way, these are high stakes situations. A lot hinges on the result: getting the job of your dreams or the reputation of your business.

In this issue, we get top advice from clinical pyschologist, Dr Stephanie Fitzgerald on how to bring your best self, not your nerves into the interview room. Armed with some brilliant questions and mindset tips, it will help you feel empowered going into any interview situation.

PR expert, Fiona Minett also shares a mini masterclass of interview tips ready for handling media interviews. With advice for TV, radio, phone and email, you will have the tools to come across calmly, confidently, and knowing your stuff.

The art of questioning

There are all kinds of ways we can ask questions. Here, we look at the art of clean questioning. It is a fascinating look at a technique that many coaches use to hone in on pertinent information. Mindset coach, Ekaterina Ward shows us how to use it and the kinds of questions to ask. If you want to get effective results in your coaching or when working to help clients or colleagues tap into a pure, authentic response, this is a question style to try.

How to find resilience in adversity

In challenging times, no matter where you work or your circumstances, we all have moments requiring some extra resilience. One lady who knows a lot about the subject is Laura Dolphin. As a mother, veteran, military spouse, entrepreneur and someone who has suffered chronic health conditions, she shares her experience in how to find resilience.

Importantly, she looks at how we can build resilience into our business through challenging norms as well as day to day practices.

An article full of practical tips and ideas to see you through difficult periods.

Grete Svegzdaite, founder of Gretes

Sustainably Stylish

Talking of challenging norms, we interview the founder of sustainable fashion brand, Gretes. Based in Lithuania, Grete Svegzdaite is challenging the fast fashion retailers, looking for new ways to create clothing and raising awareness of some of the less ethical practices.

Using an innovative fabric she is creating luxury lounge wear (perfect for comfy days at home) but she is also growing her small business. This interview is full of her passion and her beautiful clothes!

A new work style revolution

Finally, we speak with Hoxby co-founder and co-author of Work Style, Alex Hirst. In this intrview, Alex shares his vision for how our working lives could be more free, productive, healthier, and beneficial for society.

He shares some interesting thoughts on the future of work and what we can learn from freelancers. Having co-founded a business with a remote and freelance-centric ethos, he is well ahead of the curve when it comes to ways of working that enable us to live life on our terms.

There is much more in this issue as well with home workspace ideas for smaller budgets, physio exercises for tech neck, and time management to help you allocate your time more effectively.

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Louise is an award-winning journalist and speaker who focuses on working from home, remote work and wellbeing. She is the founder of  The Homeworker, which is dedicated to helping you thrive when you work from home. The Homeworker publishes articles that are designed to keep you healthy, happy, fulfilled, and more productive in work and life.


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