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How to create a multipurpose workspace at home

The Studybed as a desk for a multi purpose workspace - transforms into a bed.

Modern living often means that our homes are having to become multifunctional spaces. They are where we work, where we live, relax, and entertain. 

With the increase in working from home, the need for a home workspace is at an all-time high. Not everyone can afford to sacrifice a whole room for a home office, and people are looking to make as much of their space as possible. This means creating a multipurpose workspace or giving rooms such as spare bedrooms dual functionality.

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A multipurpose workspace that fits with your home

Another consideration for homeworkers is not wanting their desk to make their home look too much like an office. Nobody wants to be living with the constant reminder of work or feel like they are living in a corporate setting.

If you can’t shut the door on a separate home office, you want to be able to tidy work items away after hours, or when using the room for another purpose.

Putting laptops away, placing items back on shelves, closing drawers, and shutting things away in cupboards means storage is a big issue for the multipurpose home workspace.

If you are needing to work in a living space, you will want to think about desks that can function as other pieces of furniture such as console tables, dressing tables and sideboards.

You might also want to think about the style of chair you use, or have somewhere you can place an office-style chair out of the way.

Using an ergonomic desk stool is one way you can easily tuck it out of sight under your desk when not in use.

folding desk under the stairs
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Space-saving desks

Foldaway desks are a convenient and generally inexpensive option. If you are just after a temporary workspace and don’t want the desk to impose on the living space, a foldaway desk can tuck away neatly against a wall.

The downside to this is you will have to tidy away all your work items and desk accessories every time you need to fold it away.

These desk are generally best where you don’t require a more permanent set up or are only working from home on occasional days.

Ladder desks are another option that work in a multipurpose workspace as they can function as shelving and don’t look out of place in a living or dining room.

The downside is the size of the desk. They tend to be very compact and narrow. If you only need a small work area for a laptop and notebook, these can be an aesthetic and convenient solution.

The Studybed creates a multipurpose space as a bed and a craft table.

The Study Bed

One of the ingenious pieces of furniture that can help solve many problems with working from home is The StudyBed. It is an innovative work/sleep solution that means you can easily use a guest room or bedroom as an office with no compromise on space. 

The StudyBed is a variation on the classic wall bed or murphy bed. Instead of the bed dropping vertically from the wall, it is hidden behind a large work desk. When you need to use the bed, you pull it down horizontally, with the desk cleverly concealed underneath.

One of the big challenges for homeworkers when using a multi-purpose workspace is having to tidy away all of the work equipment. Due to how the StudyBed converts, you don’t have to clear away the papers, laptop, and stationery every time  you want to switch between bed and desk.

This is an ideal solution if you have limited space, or a compact guest room. Not only do all the desk items remain in place, you can also keep the bedding on the bed. With no need to remove anything, we think this is a great space and time-saving option for homeworkers.

The Studybed as a desk for a multi purpose workspace - transforms into a bed.
The double StudyBed in desk mode with bed concealed.
The Studybed transforming from bed to desk.
The Studybed transforming from desk to bed.
The Study bed with desk beneath creating a multi purpose workspace
The Studybed as a double bed with desk concealed beneath.

Multi-purpose furniture for a multi-purpose space

The StudyBed is also an attractive piece of furniture in its own right so you don’t need to compromise on aesthetics with something out of place in a home. You can combine the StudyBed with other furniture items such as shelving, book cases, or a top box, which can all be placed around the bed for a fully fitted look.

You also have the option of a single, small or standard double, bed, depending on your needs and space.

The StudyBed is ideal for homeworkers, but could also appeal to gamers, crafters, or students who need a large work area. Its area means it is perfect for model making or sewing, so it can be used by all members of the family, as well as guests when they visit!

Special features of The StudyBed

  • An instant office workspace without losing your guest bed.
  • Exceptionally large desk working area (total length of the bed), combined with a guest bed in
    the same compact footprint.
  • Comes with a 5-year guarantee.
  • The StudyBed company will both deliver and install the bed.
  • A wide range of sizes to suit any room layout.
  • Matching storage furniture to create a ‘fitted’, streamlined look.
  • Configurator tool on their website to help you visualise both the product and finish options.
  • Different finishes include: Light oak finish, white or colour-matching bespoke service to tailor to
    your interior décor.
  • It is a product that can easily be moved to another room or a different house.

Find out more about The StudyBed

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