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How to cope with rejection: tips from the film industry

woman holding out a note with a rejection: No thanks

"Rejection helps you set a new blank canvas to set new goals and make positive changes."

– Dr Rebekah Louisa Smith

If there is one industry where you are in a constant dance between the highs and lows, it is the film industry. From cast and crew to production and distribution, things can be going really well, to  out of work and waiting for the next project or client. It is an industry where acceptance can lead to immense success and fortune, and rejection can feel like the end of the world.

Rejection is something that we all have to confront at some point, and how we respond to the rejection can determine whether we bounce back confidently or allow it to derail our plans and motivation.

Dr Rebekah Louisa Smith, aka The Film Festival Doctor, has been supporting directors and film industry professionals through the film festival process for many years. In her free e-book, Film Festivals & Looking After Your Mental Health, she outlines some of the ways we can build resilience and cope with rejection.

While she works within the film industry, her techniques and advice apply to almost any one in any field. Rejection is universal but by turning rejection into resilience, we can even use it to our advantage.

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