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How to attract ideal clients with authentic copy and web design

Pip Christie helping people attract ideal clients with copywriting and web designer
Pip Christie, purposeful words and websites

The Homeworker interviewed copywriter, Pip Christie to get her valuable tips on how to attract ideal clients with authentic copywriting and purposeful web design.

Read on for insights into the relationship between your copy and your web design and how to be more authentically you in your business.

The digital marketing problem

When Pip Christie was scrolling through Instagram each day, the one realisation that kept coming back to her was how “shiny and untrue” it all seemed.

“It struck me that digital marketing could be authentic and heartfelt and real and still be effective in terms of building businesses.” It was this concept that she wanted to bring to her own business.

After working in digital communications for a national charity, Pip learned the power of purposeful communication through a Masters degree in Human Rights. “There was a big focus on how you’re communicating and telling the story of the people you’re working with,” she says.

The copy-first approach

Pip launched her own business after leaving her job to travel in Australia, which became the catalyst to go off on her own. She has honed this to focus on helping small business owners develop websites and copy that connect with their audience.

She says the two very much go hand hand as she believes that good design “needs a copy first approach” which means you aren’t limiting your messaging by a restrictive web template. By starting with crafting your message, you can then follow through into the design.

“You can have a beautiful website but if there’s no message in it, you won’t build those connections,” says Pip. “A lot of people feel they have to do something – but it needs to be purposeful. My focus is to think more about the goal and the reason you’re doing something.”

“Your home page is your front door, welcoming people inside… You need to start by thinking about your brand, business, your personality, and the feelings you want to evoke when people come across you.” She then says you can reverse engineer this into your copy.

Top tips to attract ideal clients with copy and web design

• Don’t worry about trying to solve a problem When we focus too much on problem solving, we focus too much on features and benefits but at a top-level, people are drawn to something because of the experience it offers and the story behind it.

• If you DIY your copy and website, write the copy before choosing the template.

Start by thinking about your brand and personality, and the feelings you want to evoke when people come across you.

• When you’re writing your copy or content, write out what your goal is for that piece at the beginning and keep that in mind as you go through, from writing the outline to the editing process.

• You don’t need to overcomplicate things or be too clever. Sometimes just be very simple and clear for the best communication.

• Inject personality and style but make sure there’s a balance so that your message isn’t lost in the fun.

As a copywriter, Pip enjoys the variation and the ability to step into different shoes to find a person’s voice. “I want personal connections with the people I’m working with. I love working with clients as an extension of their team… You then get so much more in terms of strategy, ideas, and suggestions,” she says. “It’s a much more holistic process, looking at the bigger picture and how it all works together as part of your marketing, rather than in isolation.”

Work with Pip Christie: www.pipchristie.com

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