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Home office ergonomic chair: Review of The Homeworker Plus

The Homeworker Plus home office ergonomic chair by Posturite
The Homeworker Plus by Posturite

In collaboration with Posturite

If I were to suggest one key piece of equipment to invest in when you work from home, a home office ergonomic chair would be top of the list.

Given how long we spend at the desk, you need a chair that is comfortable, supportive, and adjustable in a variety of ways.

I have been testing The Homeworker Plus chair as part of a collaboration with ergonomic specialists, Posturite. I am always happy to recommend products if I feel they add value for The Homeworker audience and after a couple of months using this chair, I can confidently say it is one I would buy for the home office.

Here are my thoughts on why this is a great addition if you’re looking for a home office ergonomic chair.

What you need from a home office ergonomic chair

If you are spending money on a decent ergonomic chair then there are a few key considerations:

• Comfort: You want it to be comfortable so you can endure longer stints at the desk and to sustain working from home daily for the long-term.

• Supportive: It needs to provide adequate support for your body while sitting, particularly for your lower back with lumbar support.

• Adjustable: A suitable ergonomic chair should allow you to sit in the correct position with ease. You should be able to adjust the arms, back rest, seat height and depth, and lumbar support.

• Durable: If you are investing in a home office ergonomic chair, you want to ensure it is sturdy to withstand years of daily use and pushing back and forth. You also want materials that are hard wearing while still comfortable.


When you order a Homeworker Plus chair, it will arrive needing some assembly. There is an easy-to-follow video on the Posturite site showing you exactly how to assemble the chair with a simple walk-through guide.

You can also take advantage of their done for you installation and set up service whereby the delivery team specialists can assemble the chair and show you exactly how to adjust the Homeworker Plus to suit your size and needs.

The Homeworker Plus ergonomic chair for working from home

The Homeworker Plus review

Over the years I have used a variety of chairs to work in, from a dining chair to more ergonomic models. For a long time, I had a basic home office chair that offered a minimal degree of support. I could adjust its height, it had arm rests, and a contoured back.

However, it was not fully adjustable, the seat depth was not quite right and the lower back support not really existent!

The Homeworker editor sitting n The Homeworker Plus ergonomic chair
The Homeworker editor using The Homeworker Plus

During lockdown, there was a spell where I had to regularly use the kitchen table and dining chair. I often ached after sitting at the table or desk (admittedly for too long at times). While you can take responsibility for moving more and sitting better, a good chair will allow you to do that comfortably and easily by supporting your frame in the right places.

It is only after switching to use a proper ergonomic chair that you notice the difference. A short time after using The Homeworker Plus I honestly felt better. I was fidgeting less because I was more comfortable. I could see an instant difference in how my shoulders and neck felt because my lower back was better supported. All of this meant I could focus better and get on with my work!


One of the most impressive things about The Homeworker Plus is how feature-rich it is.

Once adjusted, I don’t have to change anything very often but I find it useful to have adjustable armrests and towards the end of the day, it is nice to pump up the lumbar support a little.

The chair has the following features:

  • Back rest adjustment to change the angle and height
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Seat slide to change the depth
  • Inflatable lumbar support
  • Adjustable height and depth of armrests
  • Tension adjustment for incline.
Adjustable levers on The Homeworker Plus ergonomic chair
Multiple adjustments on The Homeworker Plus by Posturite


Price is always going to be a factor when making a purchasing decision. There are ergonomic chairs that cost literally thousands of pounds. They often have a certain aesthetic and debates rage over whether they are worth the price tag. If you have money in the budget, Posturite also stock the more luxe Håg range. However, if you aren’t looking to spend many hundreds of pounds, The Homeworker Plus could be your answer.

At just less than £300, it is not a super low budget option but it is among one of the most affordable I have found for a chair that provides so many features.

You can also take advantage of the special discount, exclusively for The Homeworker readers. Get 20% off their range of homeworker furniture with code: THW20

The verdict

Overall, I have been impressed by The Homeworker Plus with its many adjustment options. It does look like an office chair – but most specialist ergonomic seats do. What it might lack in sophisticated style aesthetics, it more than makes up for in comfort and support. Importantly, it allows you to work in a healthy position, helping to reduce aches and pains and increase your productivity.

If you are currently making do with a dining chair, or perhaps a chair that looks good but does you no good, The Homeworker Plus is a worthwhile upgrade.

The Homeworker Plus: £299.94 (inc VAT – price at time of publishing)

Posturite offer a complete range of furniture and accessories for working from home. From chairs and desks, to laptop stands, seat cushions, and footrests.

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