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Home office cleaning essentials for a hygienic workspace

Home office cleaning kit

Cleaning your home is a fairly standard chore but there are certain rooms that may require a little extra care and your home office is one of them.

When you are having to clean electrical items, equipment, and items such as keyboards, there are some products that you may find useful to have in your home office cleaning kit.

The Keyboard Brush

The problem with many keyboards is they have keys! A breeding ground for bacteria, something that our fingers touch daily, that dust and crumbs can get trapped between, they regularly need a good clean!

Heima keyboard cleaning brush

We love this keyboard brush from Heima, an independent and eco-conscious business based in York, UK. They also have a smaller laptop brush.

With soft bristles for dust and firmer bristles for getting between the keys, it helps to keep your keyboard dirt free.

Keyboard brush, £11.50, Heima

The Air Duster

Air dusters are good for cleaning electronic equipment such as keyboards, computers, printers and games consoles. When you may not want to use something damp, or containing any cleaning chemicals, an air duster is a great alternative.

home office cleaning air duster

You can buy these in aerosol cans. We also like this electric version you can recharge for an endless air flow.

Electric compressed air duster, £34.50, The Range

Keyboard Gel

Another option for keyboards, and a useful addition to your home office cleaning kit, is cleaning gel. It essentially looks like slime – but it is designed to mould into all the nooks and crannies and pick up the small bits of lint and debris, making it good for keyboards, and also in cars. It is advisable to use these fairly quickly as they may not store well longer than a few months and become too goopy!

This cleaning gel is flexible, absorbent, and ideal for penetrating into hard to reach areas such as around keyboard keys. It can be used multiple times.

GRAB Nano Cleaning Gel, £6, IT Dusters

The Mini Vacuum

These handy little devices are ideal for keeping your desk clean. With their convenient size and portability, you may find they are something you use not just in your workspace.

This cordless mini vacuum and its battery power gives it a decent suction despite its small size. Perfect for small crumbs and light debris.

Portable cordless desk vacuum, Tihoo, £7.99, Available on Amazon

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