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desk lamp home office recommendation

The Homeworker recommendations for your home office. For your desk, for your comfort and posture, these are the things we have found, tried, and recommend as useful additions to your workspace.

etalon posture correcting bra, work from home recommendations
Etalon posture-correcting bra

The Posture Bra

Perhaps more crop top than bra in size, the Etalon posture bra provides comfort, security, and helps you correct your alignment over time.

Working with your upper back muscles, it is not overbearing but you may notice the bra creating a little resistance initially. It is engineered to engage the muscles and lead to improved muscle memory to maintain a better posture.

You can’t wear this under anything too light or strappy and they recommend giving it at least three weeks to notice an improvement in your postural alignment. However, this is a simple and comfortable way to correct your posture. It is easy to adjust and if you can handle the cost, the benefits could go beyond just better posture as you start to carry yourself with more confidence. We recommend sizing down if you are unsure or between sizes.

Etalon Posture Bra, £160, Etalon

Massage Roller

This massage roller is light, portable, and really versatile. Use it for your neck, upper back, sitting, standing or lying. It stretches and massages your muscles, helping to ease tension and knots.

It is designed to target a range of muscles: cervicals, trapezius, dorsal and lumbar. Ideal to pop behind your back when sitting at your desk or to use after a few too many hours slouched over your computer.

Loop Massage Roller, £25, Percko

Percko Massage Roller

iPhone dock
Magsafe iPhone dock

iPhone Dock

This Magsafe iphone dock is perfect for use on your desk as it turns your iPhone into a clock while it charges.

It is held magnetically in place in any orientation and compatible with any USB-C or Apple Magsafe charger.

It keeps your phone secure and it looks stylish on your desk and we love that you won’t be losing your phone under papers or notebooks!

Nightstand Magsafe iPhone Dock | Stainless Steel, £37, Oakdene Designs

Desk Lamp

This desk lamp gives you light at all angles, being able to rotate 360 degrees. We love the dimmable functionality and the hidden USB port so you can charge a phone or tablet.

You can turn the stem 45 degrees each way allowing you to cast light where you need it.

Apart from being a functional desk lamp, it is also a stylish and sleek design.

Omni Table Light By UMAGE, £329, Innermost Plus

desk lamp home office recommendation

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