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Going full time to freelance: four top tips for successfully going it alone

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Julia Tsavellas had a successful career in public relations (PR) before deciding to go from full time to freelance and set up her own PR consultancy, Julia Maria PR. Here she shares her experiences and her top tips for making it a success.

I know first-hand how cringe-worthy it can feel to self-promote as a freelancer. My advice? Know you’re not alone and ultimately, it’s all business.

Julia Tsavellas

A few months ago, I made the daunting leap from a comfortable full-time PR role at one of the most respected agencies in my industry, to the less-than-sheltered wilderness that is a freelance career.

Far from easy, the jump raised some questions among my peers, particularly as everything was going well following a recent promotion.

In reality, I craved flexibility. Above all, I sought the freedom to embrace my diverse interests and avoid being pigeonholed. As Steven Bartlett puts it: quitting is a skill!

While shudder-inducing, going it alone represents an exciting opportunity to try your hand at new skills and work with fascinating clients of your choosing, on your own terms. Having said this, the transition is far from simple. There are of course a few considerations to bear in mind ahead of making the much-anticipated jump.

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