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Foldaway desk for homeworking: Interview with Next Desk

NEXT DESK - best desk for working from home
The Next Desk


Homeworking is here to stay, according to all the surveys. Up to this point, you may not have had time to dedicate yourself fully to finally sorting out an organised space to work in your house. 

It’s easy to just make do. The dining table, the sofa, the bed…

The task of trying to figure out the precise combination of desk, chair, storage solutions, shelves etc. is a daunting one. You want something that will compliment your home. You want Instagram and Pinterest-worthy, rather than the jumble of folders and cables that we are usually left with.

Our homes are often a reflection of our personalities. We work hard to create sanctuaries of peace that we love to return to at the end of the day. 

When we are trying to cram in our workspaces, while taking into consideration the demands of partners and children, we can find ourselves having to make do with any available space to perch a laptop. Soon enough, longterm clutter settles in.

Physical mess is one problem, but a lack of an organised workspace can also take a toll on our mental health, and can create feelings of overwhelm. 

It can feel like our work follows us around the house as we constantly have to separate it from other aspects of daily life. It often means that we can’t take a full mental break at the end of the day like we used to when we worked in the office.

How do we free ourselves?

How do we squeeze in all our office paraphernalia in a way that suits us as homeworkers, but that also doesn’t get in the way of comfortable living at home?

The foldaway desk for homeworking that solves WFH problems

Next Desk provides a simple and stylish solution to all of these problems. It solves several key issues facing people who work from home: space, storage, security, and switching off.

Jan Kreft founded Next Desk during lockdown in 2020. She had been mulling over the concept for a while but with the arrival of Coronavirus, she was compelled to start acting on her idea.

“I began to think about what’s next and what is the world going to look like and started bouncing this idea around with a few people,” she says.

The idea was a foldaway desk for homeworking. One piece of furniture that creates a subtle work space that is instantly practical, productive and powerful. Her brief was a desk that blended into the home and served another purpose once work was finished.

Jan challenged her designer to create a desk providing generous work space and storage, and to ensure data protection and health and safety outside of the office.  

The result was Next Desk: a durable, versatile, and multi-functional foldaway desk which has a dual locking system for extra security. It effortlessly takes you from work to home life. A transformational homeworking pod with lockable, foldable doors that hides vast amounts of storage within. 

Space, safety and security when working from home

“My experience of working at home has highlighted the need, at lots of levels, to leave the office. That for me seems to be the hardest part of working from home – how do you leave the office – mentally and physically.”

The beauty of Next Desk’s design is that it allows you to have a permanent workspace in your home. It can contain all your home office essentials which can then be cleverly folded and shut away after work. The desk then becomes a useful sideboard in your home.

Jan says they have made the desk for those in classic inner city apartments where space is at a premium. “You don’t have a garden. You don’t have multiple rooms that you can dedicate one room to an office.”

It is an ideal homeworking desk in any multi-use space, which keeps your home stylish.

foldaway desk for homeworking: Next Desk

Next Desk’s clever, foldable storage easily keeps all of those unsightly and difficult to store office items hidden and out of reach:

There is space for a laptop, printer, lever-arch files, sling files, and electric cables.

It locks securely with a bolt and key, so wherever you set up your office, you have peace of mind that your documents and data are protected from curious eyes (or sticky fingers)!

It also houses electric sockets and USB charge points that are powered from the mains supply. There is even a circuit breaker to avoid the worry of overloading.

Taking the hassle out of the home office

Next Desk also offer free delivery and their team keeps in touch with you to arrange the exact time that suits you. They also assemble the desk in any space in your home and don’t leave until you have it exactly as you want it.

They have taken all the hassle out of setting up a home office. 

There is nothing for you to do except choose your favourite colour combination out of the four options.

Give yourself a physical and mental break by setting yourself up for productive homeworking with Next Desk.

Find out more: www.next-desk.co.uk 

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