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Five ways to get back motivation after the holidays

If September still holds the same ‘back to school’ feeling as it did when you actually were heading back to school, you may need to get back motivation after the holidays.

I know many working parents have to restructure their routines and take a bit of time off over the summer so September can feel like a new start.

Even if you’re not a parent, that ‘back to school’ feeling can still prevail each year. And after any kind of break, we might need to reignite the spark and get back motivation so these tips will give you a few ideas.


Did it seem a long time since you wrote down your goals for the year?

A lot can change in six, seven, eight months, so a September review is a great way to check-in with your progress and whether you still feel aligned to your original goals.

It might be that you’ve already achieved some of the goals, or others have become irrelevant due to changes in your business. Perhaps you’ve set a new direction, started a new course, met some new people; all of these could have an impact on the goals you set.

Changes in your personal circumstances or that you’ve had to make due to the Covid-19 pandemic could mean you need to switch direction. Perhaps you’ve got in touch with some different values that have led to a change of heart on previous goals.

Take some time to look over past goals. Not only can it reignite ideas or help you to focus, it can also help you to get back motivation for the last few months of the year.


Once you’ve had a chance to review your goals, it might be time to write new ones.

Setting intentions and making new goals is a great way to get back motivation as it gives you a renewed objective. Often, the novelty of a new goal can be enough to spark a desire to start.

Rewriting your goals, whether by amending old ones or creating new ones is a chance to reassess what is important to you.

Take this opportunity to reconnect with your core values and create goals that feel in alignment, that help you work with more authenticity, which alone can help you to sustain motivation as well as spark it.

Create an action plan

Action is the key word. Taking those first steps is often the hardest so give yourself time to create a plan so that you have something to work to.

When all the ideas and goals are in lists or up in your head with no plan on how to execute them, they often don’t happen. You need to turn your interest into commitment and that includes action.

An action plan often starts with breaking down the goals into actionable steps. It could also be as simple as a timetable. This gives you a scheduled framework to stick to, which can help you stay accountable and importantly, a clear plan.

A lack of clarity is often one of the main stumbling blocks to feeling motivated. When you know what needs to be done and when, and you know the steps you need to take, you have already jumped the first hurdle. Using techniques such as time blocking is a good way to plan your time, which can also help you get motivation back.

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Invest in yourself

When there is money involved, we often feel more invested and motivated to get going. However, investing in yourself needn’t be expensive or incur any cost.

It could be something small such as buying a new notebook if you need one, or it might be investing in a new course, subscription, or books to give you some inspiration or tools to move you forwards.

Think about other ways you can invest in yourself to help you feel good about yourself. A new self-care regime, a fitness plan, some dedicated time for yourself in the week, can all help you get back motivation after a break.

A powerful question

Ask yourself a question and it instantly gets your brain thinking and working on the solution.

To help regain the motivation to get going again, ask yourself: What will I thank myself for at the end of the year?

Put yourself in your shoes on December 31st, reflecting on the year just gone. What do you want to feel grateful for? Gaining a new client? Finishing a particular project? Connecting with a friend or colleague? Earning a particular figure? Being able to run a certain distance? Not putting yourself under huge stress?

It may be more realistic to think about how you’ll be grateful for having done everything you could to achieve a certain aim, or for putting the foundations in place to achieve a goal the following year.

Look forward to your celebrations, when you know you’ll thank yourself if you get started now.

Give yourself the best chance of success and be ready for a strong comeback!

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