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Five steps to turn your interest into commitment

By Kerryn Martorana

We often start the year full of good intentions but don’t follow through to completion. These five steps will help you to improve your chances of success and show you how to commit to your goals.

We all aim to improve ourselves, whether that means improving our courage, our health, our career, our emotional intelligence, however, how often do we actually act upon any of these?

Most people understand the benefits of personal growth, and we may even read a few self-help books or watch a couple of videos, but what’s stopping us from taking the first steps on the journey?

The reality is, we all have the power to make changes in our lives for the better, but to do that, it requires the right mindset to get going.

The ongoing cycle

Why does everyone make a New Year’s Resolution, yet only a small percentage actually commit? Why do people have whole libraries of self-help books and watch motivational videos for hours, only for the enthusiasm to wear off as quickly as it began? How do we commit to our goals?

The difference lies in our attitude. If we want to make changes to our lives, we have to be more than just ‘interested’- we need to be committed.

People who are simply ‘interested’ come up with excuses and scapegoats to justify why they can’t, whereas if you’re committed, those reasons simply don’t exist, and you’ll do whatever it takes.

Breaking that cycle

People who are simply ‘interested’ in changing themselves never seem to deliver on their personal goals, and then regret their lack of motivation for years.

Whereas if you’re committed to self-improvement toward growing your career, expanding your knowledge, increasing physical fitness and pushing your boundaries, you can begin a momentum that will continue long before you even realise how far you’ve come.

After all: things don’t change – you do!

celebrating success after committing to goals.

How to commit to your goals and make your intentions a reality

So, how do you make the jump from being simply ‘interested’, to embarking on a journey of personal progress?
Here are 5 steps to get you going.

Ask yourself: what do you want to change and what’s your why?

To get started, you need a direction- find your “why”. Decide what you want to change, what that will look like to you and what is your motivation for doing it (your why).

For example, do you want to progress in your career? Then what do you need to do? You may need to go back to study or undertake a course. It may involve stepping up at work or networking more with the right people to expand your reach. Keep focused on your ‘why’ – this is the motivation piece.

Learn more

Take the time to do some research. The beauty of the digital world today is that information is everywhere. Look up relevant topics and educate yourself on the steps you need to take to achieve the change you want to see in yourself.

For example, research educational providers and qualifications that suit your needs, or find out more about your career trajectory by reading interviews of leaders in your industry.

Decide to commit

Make the avid decision to do what it takes to achieve your personal goals. It may help by reminding yourself of the real benefits of this change – back to your ‘why’. For example, this may mean an increase in your annual salary, prestige or a sense of accomplishment. Keep your end goal central to your purpose but make sure the steps along the way are realistic and achievable.

Put it into practise – adjustments are key

Now that you have the right attitude, this is the step that separates you from everyone else – the “doing” phase. Test and experiment what works and doesn’t.

For example, see how you feel going back to study or face your fears about networking at an event full of strangers. Consider the reasons why you succeeded in some things and failed dismally in others to piece together a greater self-awareness. Make small tweaks and adjustments to your goals if necessary. If studying a full-time load whilst working full time isn’t working for you (let’s face it, we aren’t Superman) then try one/two subjects a semester

Enlist a mentor – celebrate success

We can’t expect that we’re going to get it right by ourselves all the time. We need a knowledgeable and skilled partner who can point us in the right direction, keep us motivated, in touch with our why, and use techniques to ensure we are on track. This is how we can commit to our goals more successfully.

Separate the ‘thoughts’ from the ‘thinker’ and move from ‘can I’ to ‘I can’ and start to celebrate your success.

Business coach and psychologist, Kerryn Martorana, helps people understand and enhance awareness, change and growth for the better. She coaches individuals, families, businesses and sports people by empowering them to be their very best and find their true potential in both their professional and personal lives.

Find out more at: lifeology.com.au


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