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Live Talk Replays

The Homeworker holds regular live events where we interview an expert giving you the opportunity to ask any questions and to fully engage with the conversation.

The full replays are available here.

energy live event

Learn how to manage your energy and prevent burnout.

From setting energy boundaries to protecting and generating energy, this talk will inspire you to become more aware of your own energy and its imapct.

 Experience mindset coach and NLP practitioner, Elaterina Ward teaches you how to perform an energy audit, align your energy to your working patterns, and look after your physical and mental energy.

This talk covers practical ways to help you regenerate your energy, particularly when working at home.

Watch the full live replay here

the homeworker live with Brad Reed

How to optimise your wellbeing to unlock your creative potential

How do you start to move from a stressed, reactive state to a state that enables you to think more freely and creatively?

High performance executive and wellness coach, Brad Reed explores many concepts throughout this informative talk including:

– Why our wellbeing is so crucial to our creativity
– The importance of creativity in the future of work
– How to expand our horizons and what we see as possible
– How to improve our psychological capital for enhanced wellbeing
– The importance of self-compassion over self-confidence

Watch the full replay with Q&A session here

healthy lunches with the homeworker live with the intuitive cook

Healthy, simple, delicious WFH lunches

Learn with The Intuitive Cook, Katerina Pavlakis, about how to upgrade your lunch break by creating really nutritious, tasty, yet simple lunches that will keep you satisfied, and help prevent you reaching for those biscuits!

Delicious with plenty of flavours and textures does not mean a complex recipe!¬†Katerina shows us how and makes her ‘magic sauce’ live so you can recreate this kitchen staple!

Watch the full replay here

sales training with Enfys

Transform your sales success and avoid the common selling mistakes

Does sales ever feel challenging or uncomfortable?

Watch this insightful talk with expert sales trainer, Enfys Maloney on how to transform your mindset around sales, attract more clients, and raise your income as someone who runs their own business at home.

We talk about what the most common mistakes are and missed opportunities as well as the mindset to adopt to help you frame sales differently and enjoy the process.

Watch the full conversation replay here

remote team engagement live with melissa curran

How to fully engage teams for high performance in a hybrid world

People and performance expert and best-selling author, Melissa Curran, reveals how to create and nurture engagement, communicate and collaborate to enable peak performance.

In this talk, we cover:

– The performance bell curve
– The traits of a highly engaged team and how to shift and maintain energy
– How leaders can communicate with different personalities and cope with competing agendas to get the best out of a team 
– Individual responsibility within a team
– The three main challenges for leaders and teams in a remote scenario.

Watch the full interview replay here