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Here is where we will put dates for any upcoming events including our The Homeworker Out of Hours networking and socials.


The Homeworker Out of Hours: We will hold virtual events for Homeworker subscribers to switch off, network, socialise, and enjoy meeting new people. These events are designed to foster a true community spirit as well as provide opportunities for information, entertainment, business and social connections.

We occasionally invite speakers for virtual events to share their stories and perspectives to help you build your knowledge and toolkit for successful remote working.

Make a note of the dates and we will update with the links to join the events.

See you soon!



Get to know yourself again – Learning to find the real you in a busy world

With Tasha Thor Straten

Tuesday 12th July, 10.30 am BST

Upcoming Events:

Rekindle the love for what you do and build your dream job

With Della Judd

Tuesday 6th September, 10.30 am BST

The key principles of building a brand that reflects you and attracts your ideal clients

With Trudie Avery

Tuesday 20th September, 12.00 pm BST

How to perform a digital declutter for optimum organisation and clarity

with Jessica Barclay

More details to follow

Your time management reflects your self-worth

with Abigail Barnes

More details to follow


All replays available on the Extra Resources page.

• Energy audit: how to manage your energy to prevent burnout

•How your wellbeing is the key to unlock your creative potential

•Upgrade your lunch hour with simple, healthy WFH lunch ideas

• Transform your sales mindset and success when you work from home

•How to engage remote teams and drive high performance in a hybrid world