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Ergonomic mouse for working from home: Review of RollerMouse Pro

Rollermouse Pro on desk

We review Rollermouse Pro, a new design of centred mouse for better ergonomics at work.

The humble yet ubiquitous computer mouse comes in many shapes and sizes. There are standard wired or wireless mice, trackball mice, vertical or ‘handshake’ mice, magic mice, and trackpads. Then I came across the Rollermouse Pro by Contour Design. An entirely different concept to other mice I have used, it has completely changed how I use a mouse, and even my body position at the computer.

I was sent a sample to do a review of Rollermouse Pro. For the last few weeks, I have been getting familiar with a new way of navigating my screen. Here is The Homeworker review of Rollermouse Pro, and why this is a mouse worth considering when upgrading to a new model.

A new way of using a mouse

To being with, Rollermouse Pro takes some getting used to. This is inevitable as your desk setup will change as your mouse no longer sits to the side of your keyboard.

The Rollermouse Pro is similar in size to a keyboard due to the space to rest your wrists. You move the cursor using a sliding roller. You can scroll up and down with another wheel, and there are separate programmable buttons to select, right or left click.

Once you are used to this different setup, using the mouse becomes very intuitive. It took me just a few days to adjust properly and not keep reaching out to search for my mouse.

Rollermouse Pro with keyboard risers
Keyboard risers with Rollermouse Pro

The ergonomic design of Rollermouse Pro

The ergonomic benefits of using the Rollermouse Pro are immediately evident. The central position of the mouse allows you to work comfortably with minimal movement and no compromise in precision. The more compact layout with your hands directly in front of you encourages much less stretching or twisting of your whole arm, from shoulder to wrist, and so you are at much less risk of any repetitive strain injuries.

Your wrists can lie comfortably on the rest below the sliding mouse. You can then control your cursor, scroll wheel and buttons within a small area in front of you. It also comes complete with keyboard risers so your keyboard is at the ideal height for use with the mouse.

I very quickly found this a more comfortable position. When you are using a computer and mouse for several hours a day, the constant back and forth movement can put a surprising degree of strain on your muscles and tendons. If you ever get discomfort or pain in your hands, wrist, shoulders or neck, or feel the need to massage them regularly, these could be symptoms of RSI.


I was really pleased at how easy and quickly I could get going with the Rollermouse Pro. Straight from the box, it paired seamlessly with my computer and I was able to start using it.

With the wireless version, the quick start is via Bluetooth. You can also use a USB dongle, supplied, to connect the mouse. There is a USB cable for a wired connection as well. You also charge the mouse using this cable. The plus side, is you can still use the mouse while it charges, something I couldn’t do with my previous wireless mouse.

Review Rollermouse Pro for The Homeworker

Functions of Rollermouse Pro

When doing this review of Rollermouse Pro, one of the pleasant surprises was how functional and customisable it is. You can adjust the level of resistance used to click on the Rollerbar. You can change the click volume and customise the cursor speed.

As well as the roller mouse, scroll wheel, right and left click buttons, there are buttons for copy and paste. There is a button to select or double click; you can use the roller itself for this. You adjust the speed of the cursor by cycling through ten optional speed settings.

With all the different options literally at your fingertips, there is no need for much arm movement and you can maintain a neutral wrist position.


Does The Homeworker recommend Rollermouse Pro? I can say after using it for a few weeks now, I have noticed a difference. My position at the desk is much more aligned and the mouse itself works brilliantly.

However, at over £300 for a wireless version (£285 wired), it is not a cheap mouse, and it does take some getting used to. It requires a different desk layout and different type of motion to navigate round your screen. Also note the space required. Unlike a small mouse to the side, this takes up as much space as a second keyboard. If you work on a shallow desk in a small workspace, or want a more portable option, this may not be ideal.

But with longterm use, I think it will make a huge difference, particularly if you suffer from any sort of RSI, or find a traditonal mouse position awkward. After doing this review of Rollermouse Pro, I would definitely recommend it. The ergonomic design will prove game-changing in the long-run. If you spend hours at a desk and use a mouse a lot, this design is going to improve your posture and comfort.

It is also extremely accurate. I was impressed with the precision and ability to select, highlight, scroll, and click with ease. Being able to adapt the cursor speed is a great little function.

There are other variations of the Rollermouse Pro. It comes in a slimline version if you have less room on your desk. There is also an extended, wider, version, which may suit people with broader shoulders or who want more range of movement. The Rollermouse mobile is also a great option for those using it with a laptop or who want a portable model.

Find the Rollermouse Pro here

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