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Could a Work From Home playlist increase your productivity?

The Sound of Productivity

Do you like to write to the Rolling Stones, plan to some Pavarotti, sort your finances to Florence and the Machine, or maybe you enjoy blogging to Bach? Music can have a huge impact on your mood and performance. Creating a work from home playlist could be a great solution to those moments when you’re lacking in motivation or even need more focus.

Admittedly, not everybody enjoys listening to music while working. There are some people who need complete silence in order to focus. Others find that an upbeat tempo or some inspiring lyrics can help improve their mood and energy so curating a special work from playlist with favourite racks could be beneficial.

How a work from home playlist can provide a productivity boost

In the Breathe issue of The Homeworker, we interviewed music psychologist, Victoria Williamson about how music affects the brain and the types of music that can help or hinder your productivity.

If you would like to read the full article, you can get the magazine here.

The Sound of Productivity inside The Breathe issue

She also described how certain personalities engage with music and what types of song or track would be beneficial for certain tasks.

Transmit Startups investigated several studies into the power of music and found:

  • Dance music increases proof-reading speed by 20%
  • Happy music can make you 23% more creative

They created a few specific Spotify playlists to help with certain types of tasks.

This list is aimed to help with your focus.

work from home playlist for focus
Work from home playlist for focus

A work from home playlist to reduce anxiety

According to one study by Dr David Lewis-Hodgson of Mindlab, relaxing music with a slower bpm can reduce anxiety by 65%. The study found the song Weightless by Marconi Union is one of the most relaxing tracks for your nervous system .

Some people also find ambient sound more useful and relaxing than a more composed piece.

work from home playlist to relax
Music playlist for relaxation

Music to boost your confidence

When writing the piece on the Sound of Productivity in The Homeworker magazine, I interviewed several people about the music that they find helpful to work to and the specific artists or racks which aid their workflow. But some music can really boost your confidence as well.

One of my favourite stories from our music article was from Ann Storr who found lisening to some Ru Paul tracks helped her hold her head up high and win her pitch!

And this playlist includes a track by 50 Cent which a study found could increase your confidence by 50%… Perhaps something in his name.

work from home playlist for confidence
Music playlist for increased confidence

Have a Dance Break

This little tip is something I find useful and fun. As homeworkers, we often spend too long sitting hunched over our desks. Even if you don’t like to listen to music while you work, think about incorporating it into your day elsewhere.

Make time for breaks in your day to move and stretch and if you want to feel happy, why not add in a little dance? Put on your favourite tracks, leap around your living room or get groovy in the garden. The best thing is, there are no colleagues to see you!

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